可以通过 Azure Site Recovery 保护哪些工作负荷?What workloads can you protect with Azure Site Recovery?

本文介绍了可以使用 Azure Site Recovery 服务为灾难恢复保护的工作负荷和应用程序。This article describes workloads and applications you can protect for disaster recovery with the Azure Site Recovery service.


组织需要制定业务连续性和灾难恢复 (BCDR) 策略来确保工作负荷和数据在计划内和计划外停机期间保持安全和可用,并尽快恢复正常运行。Organizations need a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy to keep workloads and data safe and available during planned and unplanned downtime, and recover to regular working conditions as soon as possible.

站点恢复就是能够帮助实现 BCDR 策略的一个 Azure 服务。Site Recovery is an Azure service that contributes to your BCDR strategy. 使用站点恢复,可将应用程序感知的复制部署到云或辅助站点中。Using Site Recovery, you can deploy application-aware replication to the cloud, or to a secondary site. 无论应用是基于 Windows 还是 Linux,是在物理服务器、VMware 还是 Hyper-V 上运行,都可以使用站点恢复来协调复制,执行灾难恢复测试,以及运行故障转移和故障回复。Whether your apps are Windows or Linux-based, running on physical servers, VMware or Hyper-V, you can use Site Recovery to orchestrate replication, perform disaster recovery testing, and run failovers and failback.

Site Recovery 集成 Microsoft 应用程序,其中包括 SharePoint、Exchange、Dynamics、SQL Server 和 Active Directory。Site Recovery integrates with Microsoft applications, including SharePoint, Exchange, Dynamics, SQL Server, and Active Directory.

为何要使用站点恢复来复制应用程序?Why use Site Recovery for application replication?

站点恢复可帮助实现应用程序级的保护和恢复,如下所述:Site Recovery contributes to application-level protection and recovery as follows:

  • 不区分应用,为受支持计算机上运行的任何工作负荷提供复制。App-agnostic, providing replication for any workloads running on a supported machine.
  • 几乎同步的复制,RPO 低至 30 秒,满足大多数关键业务应用的需要。Near-synchronous replication, with RPOs as low as 30 seconds to meet the needs of most critical business apps.
  • 针对单层或多层应用程序的应用一致性快照。App-consistent snapshots, for single or multi-tier applications.
  • 集成 SQL Server AlwaysOn,纳入了其他应用程序级复制技术,其中包括 AD 复制、SQL AlwaysOn、Exchange 数据库可用性组 (DAG)。Integration with SQL Server AlwaysOn, and partnership with other application-level replication technologies, including AD replication, SQL AlwaysOn, Exchange Database Availability Groups (DAGs).
  • 灵活的恢复计划,一次单击即可恢复整个应用程序堆栈,包括在计划中使用外部脚本和手动操作。Flexible recovery plans, that enable you to recover an entire application stack with a single click, and to include external scripts and manual actions in the plan.
  • 站点恢复和 Azure 中的高级网络管理可以简化应用的网络要求,包括保留 IP 地址、配置负载均衡器或集成 Azure 流量管理器以降低 RTO 网络切换数。Advanced network management in Site Recovery and Azure to simplify app network requirements, including the ability to reserve IP addresses, configure load-balancing, and integration with Azure Traffic Manager, for low RTO network switchovers.
  • 丰富的自动化库,提供特定于应用程序的生产就绪型脚本,可以下载并与恢复计划集成。A rich automation library that provides production-ready, application-specific scripts that can be downloaded and integrated with recovery plans.

工作负荷摘要Workload summary

站点恢复可复制受支持计算机上运行的任何应用。Site Recovery can replicate any app running on a supported machine. 此外,我们还与产品团队合作,对表中指定的应用进行额外测试。In addition, we've partnered with product teams to carry out additional testing for the apps specified in the table.

“工作负荷”Workload 将 Azure VM 复制到 AzureReplicate Azure VMs to Azure 将 Hyper-V VM 复制到辅助站点Replicate Hyper-V VMs to a secondary site 将 Hyper-V VM 复制到 AzureReplicate Hyper-V VMs to Azure 将 VMware VM 复制到辅助站点Replicate VMware VMs to a secondary site 将 VMware VM 复制到 AzureReplicate VMware VMs to Azure
Active Directory、DNSActive Directory, DNS YY YY YY YY YY
Web 应用(IIS、SQL)Web apps (IIS, SQL) YY YY YY YY YY
System Center Operations ManagerSystem Center Operations Manager YY YY YY YY YY
SharePointSharePoint YY YY YY YY YY

将非群集 SAP 站点复制到 AzureReplicate SAP site to Azure for non-cluster
Y(Microsoft 已测试)Y (tested by Microsoft) Y(Microsoft 已测试)Y (tested by Microsoft) Y(Microsoft 已测试)Y (tested by Microsoft) Y(Microsoft 已测试)Y (tested by Microsoft) Y(Microsoft 已测试)Y (tested by Microsoft)
Exchange(非 DAG)Exchange (non-DAG) YY YY YY YY YY
远程桌面/VDIRemote Desktop/VDI YY YY YY YY YY
Linux(操作系统和应用)Linux (operating system and apps) Y(Microsoft 已测试)Y (tested by Microsoft) Y(Microsoft 已测试)Y (tested by Microsoft) Y(Microsoft 已测试)Y (tested by Microsoft) Y(Microsoft 已测试)Y (tested by Microsoft) Y(Microsoft 已测试)Y (tested by Microsoft)
Dynamics AXDynamics AX YY YY YY YY YY
Windows 文件服务器Windows File Server YY YY YY YY YY
Citrix XenApp 和 XenDesktopCitrix XenApp and XenDesktop YY 空值N/A YY 空值N/A YY

复制 Active Directory 和 DNSReplicate Active Directory and DNS

Active Directory 和 DNS 基础结构对于大多数企业应用而言至关重要。An Active Directory and DNS infrastructure are essential to most enterprise apps. 在灾难恢复过程中恢复工作负荷和应用之前,需要保护和恢复这些基础结构组件。During disaster recovery, you'll need to protect and recover these infrastructure components, before recovering your workloads and apps.

可以使用站点恢复,为 Active Directory 和 DNS 创建一个完整的自动化灾难恢复计划。You can use Site Recovery to create a complete automated disaster recovery plan for Active Directory and DNS. 例如,要将 SharePoint 和 SAP 从主站点故障转移到辅助站点,可以先设置可故障转移 Active Directory 的恢复计划,然后设置额外的应用特定计划,以故障转移依赖于 Active Directory 的其他应用。For example, if you want to fail over SharePoint and SAP from a primary to a secondary site, you can set up a recovery plan that fails over Active Directory first, and then an additional app-specific recovery plan to fail over the other apps that rely on Active Directory.

详细了解 如何保护 Active Directory 和 DNS。Learn more about protecting Active Directory and DNS.

保护 SQL ServerProtect SQL Server

SQL Server 是本地数据中心许多业务应用的数据服务基础。SQL Server provides a data services foundation for data services for many business apps in an on-premises data center. 站点恢复可与 SQL Server HA/DR 技术一起用于保护采用 SQL Server 的多层企业应用。Site Recovery can be used together with SQL Server HA/DR technologies, to protect multi-tiered enterprise apps that use SQL Server. Site Recovery 提供:Site Recovery provides:

  • 为 SQL Server 提供简单且经济高效的灾难恢复解决方案。A simple and cost-effective disaster recovery solution for SQL Server. 将多个版本的 SQL Server 独立服务器和群集复制到 Azure 或辅助站点。Replicate multiple versions and editions of SQL Server standalone servers and clusters, to Azure or to a secondary site.
  • 集成 SQL AlwaysOn 可用性组,使用 Azure Site Recovery 恢复计划管理故障转移和故障回复。Integration with SQL AlwaysOn Availability Groups, to manage failover and failback with Azure Site Recovery recovery plans.
  • 适用于应用程序中所有层(包括 SQL Server 数据库)的端到端恢复计划。End-to-end recovery plans for the all tiers in an application, including the SQL Server databases.
  • 在出现高峰负载时使用 Site Recovery 扩展 SQL Server,让这些负载“迸发”到 Azure 中更大型的 IaaS 虚拟机中。Scaling of SQL Server for peak loads with Site Recovery, by "bursting" them into larger IaaS virtual machine sizes in Azure.
  • 简单的 SQL Server 灾难恢复测试。Easy testing of SQL Server disaster recovery. 可以运行测试故障转移来分析数据,并可以运行合规性检查,且不影响生产环境。You can run test failovers to analyze data and run compliance checks, without impacting your production environment.

详细了解 如何保护 SQL Server。Learn more about protecting SQL server.

保护 SharePointProtect SharePoint

Azure Site Recovery 可帮助保护 SharePoint 部署,如下所述:Azure Site Recovery helps protect SharePoint deployments, as follows:

  • 消除对用于灾难恢复的备用场的需要以及相关的基础结构成本。Eliminates the need and associated infrastructure costs for a stand-by farm for disaster recovery. 使用站点恢复将整个场(Web 层、应用层和数据库层)复制到 Azure 或辅助站点。Use Site Recovery to replicate an entire farm (Web, app and database tiers) to Azure or to a secondary site.
  • 简化应用程序部署和管理。Simplifies application deployment and management. 部署到主站点的更新会自动复制,因此可在故障转移和恢复辅助站点中的场之后使用。Updates deployed to the primary site are automatically replicated, and are thus available after failover and recovery of a farm in a secondary site. 此外,还可降低使后备场保持最新状态的管理复杂性和相关成本。Also lowers the management complexity and costs associated with keeping a stand-by farm up-to-date.
  • 按照副本环境的需要创建一个与生产类似的副本来进行测试和调试,从而简化 SharePoint 应用程序的开发与测试。Simplifies SharePoint application development and testing by creating a production-like copy on-demand replica environment for testing and debugging.
  • 使用站点恢复将 SharePoint 部署迁移到 Azure,从而简化从本地到云的过渡过程。Simplifies transition to the cloud by using Site Recovery to migrate SharePoint deployments to Azure.

详细了解 如何保护 SharePoint。Learn more about protecting SharePoint.

保护 Dynamics AXProtect Dynamics AX

Azure Site Recovery 可通过以下方式帮助保护 Dynamics AX ERP 解决方案:Azure Site Recovery helps protect your Dynamics AX ERP solution, by:

  • 协调整个 Dynamics AX 环境(Web 和 AOS 层、数据库层、SharePoint)到 Azure 或到辅助站点的复制。Orchestrating replication of your entire Dynamics AX environment (Web and AOS tiers, database tiers, SharePoint) to Azure, or to a secondary site.
  • 简化 Dynamics AX 部署到云 (Azure) 的迁移。Simplifying migration of Dynamics AX deployments to the cloud (Azure).
  • 通过按需创建一个与生产类似的副本来进行测试和调试,简化 Dynamics AX 应用程序的开发与测试。Simplifying Dynamics AX application development and testing by creating a production-like copy on-demand, for testing and debugging.

详细了解 如何保护 Dynamic AX。Learn more about protecting Dynamic AX.

保护 RDSProtect RDS

远程桌面服务 (RDS) 允许虚拟桌面基础结构 (VDI)、基于会话的桌面和应用程序,让用户能够在任何地方工作。Remote Desktop Services (RDS) enables virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), session-based desktops, and applications, allowing users to work anywhere. 使用 Azure Site Recovery 可以:With Azure Site Recovery you can:

  • 将托管或非托管池虚拟桌面到辅助站点以及远程应用程序和会话复制到辅助站点或 Azure。Replicate managed or unmanaged pooled virtual desktops to a secondary site, and remote applications and sessions to a secondary site or Azure.

  • 下面是可以复制的项:Here's what you can replicate:

RDSRDS 将 Azure VM 复制到 AzureReplicate Azure VMs to Azure 将 Hyper-V VM 复制到辅助站点Replicate Hyper-V VMs to a secondary site 将 Hyper-V VM 复制到 AzureReplicate Hyper-V VMs to Azure 将 VMware VM 复制到辅助站点Replicate VMware VMs to a secondary site 将 VMware VM 复制到 AzureReplicate VMware VMs to Azure 将物理服务器复制到辅助站点Replicate physical servers to a secondary site 将物理服务器复制到 AzureReplicate physical servers to Azure
入池虚拟桌面(非托管)Pooled Virtual Desktop (unmanaged) No Yes No Yes No Yes No
入池虚拟桌面(托管但不包含 UPD)Pooled Virtual Desktop (managed and without UPD) No Yes No Yes No Yes No
远程应用程序和桌面会话(不包含 UPD)Remote applications and Desktop sessions (without UPD) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Set up disaster recovery for RDS using Azure Site Recovery(使用 Azure Site Recovery 为 RDS 设置灾难恢复)。Set up disaster recovery for RDS using Azure Site Recovery.

详细了解 如何保护 RDS。Learn more about protecting RDS.

保护 ExchangeProtect Exchange

站点恢复可通过以下方式帮助保护 Exchange:Site Recovery helps protect Exchange, as follows:

  • 对于小型 Exchange 部署,例如单一服务器或服务器单机,站点恢复可以复制和故障转移到 Azure 或辅助站点。For small Exchange deployments, such as a single or standalone server, Site Recovery can replicate and fail over to Azure or to a secondary site.
  • 对于大型部署,站点恢复可与 Exchange DAGS 集成。For larger deployments, Site Recovery integrates with Exchange DAGS.
  • 在企业中进行 Exchange 灾难恢复时,Exchange DAG 是建议的解决方案。Exchange DAGs are the recommended solution for Exchange disaster recovery in an enterprise. 站点恢复中的恢复计划可以包含 DAG,以便跨站点协调 DAG 故障转移。Site Recovery recovery plans can include DAGs, to orchestrate DAG failover across sites.

详细了解 如何保护 Exchange。Learn more about protecting Exchange.

保护 SAPProtect SAP

按如下所述使用站点恢复来保护 SAP 部署:Use Site Recovery to protect your SAP deployment, as follows:

  • 将组件复制到 Azure,以便保护在本地运行的 SAP NetWeaver 和非 NetWeaver 生产应用程序。Enable protection of SAP NetWeaver and non-NetWeaver Production applications running on-premises, by replicating components to Azure.
  • 将组件复制到其他 Azure 数据中心,以便保护在 Azure 中运行的 SAP NetWeaver 和非 NetWeaver 生产应用程序。Enable protection of SAP NetWeaver and non-NetWeaver Production applications running Azure, by replicating components to another Azure datacenter.
  • 使用站点恢复将 SAP 部署迁移到 Azure,从而简化云迁移。Simplify cloud migration, by using Site Recovery to migrate your SAP deployment to Azure.
  • 通过创建一个按需生产克隆来测试 SAP 应用程序,简化 SAP 项目的升级、测试和原型制作。Simplify SAP project upgrades, testing, and prototyping, by creating a production clone on-demand for testing SAP applications.

详细了解 如何保护 SAP。Learn more about protecting SAP.

保护 IISProtect IIS

按如下所述使用 Site Recovery 来保护 IIS 部署:Use Site Recovery to protect your IIS deployment, as follows:

Azure Site Recovery 可以将环境中的关键组件复制到冷远程站点或公有云(例如 Azure),从而提供灾难恢复。Azure Site Recovery provides disaster recovery by replicating the critical components in your environment to a cold remote site or a public cloud like Azure. 由于包含 Web 服务器和数据库的虚拟机将复制到恢复站点,因此不需单独备份配置文件或证书。Since the virtual machines with the web server and the database are being replicated to the recovery site, there is no requirement to backup configuration files or certificates separately. 依赖于环境变量(在故障转移后已更改)的应用程序映射和绑定可以通过集成到灾难恢复计划中的脚本进行更新。The application mappings and bindings dependent on environment variables that are changed post failover can be updated through scripts integrated into the disaster recovery plans. 仅当故障转移时,才会在恢复站点中启动虚拟机。Virtual machines are brought up on the recovery site only in the event of a failover. 不仅如此,Azure Site Recovery 还提供以下功能,帮助你协调端到端故障转移:Not only this, Azure Site Recovery also helps you orchestrate the end to end failover by providing you the following capabilities:

  • 顺序安排各层中虚拟机的关机和启动。Sequencing the shutdown and startup of virtual machines in the various tiers.
  • 添加脚本,以便在虚拟机启动后更新其上的应用程序依赖项和绑定。Adding scripts to allow update of application dependencies and bindings on the virtual machines after they have been started up. 也可使用脚本更新 DNS 服务器,使之指向恢复站点。The scripts can also be used to update the DNS server to point to the recovery site.
  • 通过映射主网络和恢复网络,在故障转移前向虚拟机分配 IP 地址,以便在故障转移后使用不需更新的脚本。Allocate IP addresses to virtual machines pre-failover by mapping the primary and recovery networks and hence use scripts that do not need to be updated post failover.
  • 能够对 Web 服务器上的多个 Web 应用程序进行一键式故障转移,因此在发生灾难时不会造成混淆。Ability for a one-click failover for multiple web applications on the web servers, thus eliminating the scope for confusion in the event of a disaster.
  • 能够在适用于 DR 演练的隔离环境中测试恢复计划。Ability to test the recovery plans in an isolated environment for DR drills.

详细了解如何保护 IIS Web 场。Learn more about protecting IIS web farm.

保护 Citrix XenApp 和 XenDesktopProtect Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop

使用 Site Recovery 保护 Citrix XenApp 和 XenDesktop 部署,如下所示:Use Site Recovery to protect your Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop deployments, as follows:

  • 通过将不同的部署层(包括 AD DNS 服务器、SQL 数据库服务器、Citrix 传递控制器、StoreFront 服务器、XenApp Master (VDA)、Citrix XenApp 许可证服务器)复制到 Azure 来启用保护 Citrix XenApp 和 XenDesktop 部署。Enable protection of the Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop deployment, by replicating different deployment layers including (AD DNS server, SQL database server, Citrix Delivery Controller, StoreFront server, XenApp Master (VDA), Citrix XenApp License Server) to Azure.
  • 使用 Site Recovery 将 Citrix XenApp 和 XenDesktop 部署迁移到 Azure,从而简化云迁移。Simplify cloud migration, by using Site Recovery to migrate your Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop deployment to Azure.
  • 按需创建一个与生产类似的副本来进行测试和调试,从而简化 Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 测试。Simplify Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop testing, by creating a production-like copy on-demand for testing and debugging.
  • 此解决方案仅适用于 Windows Server 操作系统虚拟桌面,而不适用于客户端虚拟桌面,因为 Azure 中的授权尚不支持客户端虚拟桌面。This solution is only applicable for Windows Server operating system virtual desktops and not client virtual desktops as client virtual desktops are not yet supported for licensing in Azure.

后续步骤Next steps

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