Azure 存储冗余Azure Storage redundancy

始终复制 Azure 存储帐户中的数据,确保持久性和高可用性。The data in your Azure storage account is always replicated to ensure durability and high availability. Azure 存储功能会复制数据,以防范各种计划内和计划外的事件,包括暂时性的硬件故障、网络中断或断电、大范围自然灾害等。Azure Storage copies your data so that it is protected from planned and unplanned events, including transient hardware failures, network or power outages, and massive natural disasters. 可以选择在同一数据中心甚至跨地域分隔区域复制数据。You can choose to replicate your data within the same data center, across geographically separated regions.

即使面临故障时,复制也可确保存储帐户满足存储的服务级别协议 (SLA)的要求。Replication ensures that your storage account meets the Service-Level Agreement (SLA) for Storage even in the face of failures. 请参阅 SLA,了解有关 Azure 存储确保持续性和可用性的信息。See the SLA for information about Azure Storage guarantees for durability and availability.

Azure 存储使用循环冗余检验 (CRC) 定期验证存储的数据的完整性。Azure Storage regularly verifies the integrity of data stored using cyclic redundancy checks (CRCs). 如果检测到数据损坏,则使用冗余数据进行修复。If data corruption is detected, it is repaired using redundant data. Azure 存储还计算所有网络流量的校验和,以检测存储或检索数据时数据包的损坏。Azure Storage also calculates checksums on all network traffic to detect corruption of data packets when storing or retrieving data.

选择冗余选项Choosing a redundancy option

创建存储帐户时,可以选择以下冗余选项之一:When you create a storage account, you can select one of the following redundancy options:

下表简要概述了每种复制策略为给定类型的事件(或具有类似影响性的事件)提供的持久性和可用性范围。The following table provides a quick overview of the scope of durability and availability that each replication strategy will provide you for a given type of event (or event of similar impact).

数据中心内的节点不可用Node unavailability within a data center Yes Yes
整个数据中心(区域性或非区域性)不可用An entire data center (zonal or non-zonal) becomes unavailable No Yes
区域范围的服务中断A region-wide outage No Yes
整个区域不可用时对数据进行读取访问(远程异地复制区域中)Read access to your data (in a remote, geo-replicated region) in the event of region-wide unavailability No 是(通过 RA-GRS)Yes (with RA-GRS)
旨在给定年份为对象提供 __ 的持续性Designed to provide __ durability of objects over a given year 至少 99.999999999%(11 个 9)at least 99.999999999% (11 9's) 至少 99.99999999999999%(16 个 9)at least 99.99999999999999% (16 9's)
支持的存储帐户类型Supported storage account types GPv2、GPv1、BlobGPv2, GPv1, Blob GPv2、GPv1、BlobGPv2, GPv1, Blob
读取请求的可用性 SLAAvailability SLA for read requests 至少为 99.9%(冷访问层为 99%)At least 99.9% (99% for cool access tier) GRS 至少为 99.9%(冷访问层为 99%)At least 99.9% (99% for cool access tier) for GRS

RA-GRS 至少为 99.99%(冷访问层为 99.9%)At least 99.99% (99.9% for cool access tier) for RA-GRS
写入请求的可用性 SLAAvailability SLA for write requests 至少为 99.9%(冷访问层为 99%)At least 99.9% (99% for cool access tier) 至少为 99.9%(冷访问层为 99%)At least 99.9% (99% for cool access tier)

将复制存储帐户中的所有数据,包括块 blob 和追加 blob、页 blob、队列、表和文件。All data in your storage account is replicated, including block blobs and append blobs, page blobs, queues, tables, and files. 复制所有类型的存储帐户。All types of storage accounts are replicated.

有关每个冗余选项的定价信息,请参阅 Azure 存储定价For pricing information for each redundancy option, see Azure Storage Pricing.

有关 Azure 存储确保持续性和可用性的信息,请参阅 Azure 存储 SLAFor information about Azure Storage guarantees for durability and availability, see the Azure Storage SLA.


Azure 高级存储目前仅支持本地冗余存储 (LRS)。Azure Premium Storage currently supports only locally redundant storage (LRS).

更改复制策略Changing replication strategy

可以使用 Azure 门户Azure PowershellAzure CLIAzure 存储客户端库之一来更改存储帐户的复制策略。You can change your storage account's replication strategy by using the Azure portal, Azure Powershell, Azure CLI, or one of the Azure Storage client libraries. 更改存储帐户的复制类型不会导致停机。Changing the replication type of your storage account does not result in down time.

更改帐户的复制策略是否产生任何费用?Are there any costs to changing my account's replication strategy?

这取决于转换路径。It depends on your conversion path. 从最便宜到最昂贵的 Azure 存储冗余产品/服务依次为 LRS、GRS 和 RA-GRS。Ordering from least to the most expensive, Azure Storage redundancy offerings LRS, GRS, and RA-GRS. 例如,从 LRS 转移到任何其他类型的复制会产生额外的费用,因为这是转移到更高级的冗余级别。 For example, going from LRS to any other type of replication will incur additional charges because you are moving to a more sophisticated redundancy level. 迁移到 GRS 或 RA-GRS 会产生出口带宽费用,因为(主要区域中的)数据将复制到远程次要区域。 Migrating to GRS or RA-GRS will incur an egress bandwidth charge because your data (in your primary region) is being replicated to your remote secondary region. 此费用是在初始设置期间收取的一次性费用。This charge is a one-time cost at initial setup. 复制数据后,无需进一步支付迁移费用。After the data is copied, there are no further migration charges. 只有在复制任何新数据,或者复制现有数据的更新时才要付费。You are only charged for replicating any new or updates to existing data. 有关带宽费用的详细信息,请参阅 Azure 存储定价页面For details on bandwidth charges, see Azure Storage Pricing page.

如果将存储帐户从 GRS 迁移到 LRS,则不会产生额外的费用,但从次要位置复制的数据将被删除。If you migrate your storage account from GRS to LRS, there is no additional cost, but your replicated data is deleted from the secondary location.

如果将存储帐户从 RA-GRS 迁移到 GRS 或 LRS,则会在完成转换 30 天后以 RA-GRS 方式对该帐户计费。If you migrate your storage account from RA-GRS to GRS or LRS, that account is billed as RA-GRS for an additional 30 days beyond the date that it was converted.

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