Azure 存储示例Azure Storage samples

可以使用以下链接查看和下载 Azure 存储示例代码和应用程序。Use the links below to view and download Azure Storage sample code and applications.

Azure 代码示例库Azure Code Samples library

Azure 代码示例库中提供了可下载和可在本地运行的 Azure 存储示例。The Azure Code Samples library includes samples for Azure Storage that you can download and run locally. 代码示例库提供 .zip 格式的示例代码。The Code Sample Library provides sample code in .zip format. 此外,用户也可以浏览 GitHub 存储库以获取每个示例并进行克隆。Alternatively, you can browse and clone the GitHub repository for each sample.

.NET 示例.NET samples

若要浏览 .NET 示例,请从 NuGet 下载 .NET 存储客户端库To explore the .NET samples, download the .NET Storage Client Library from NuGet. 用于 .NET 的 Azure SDK 中同时提供 .NET 存储客户端库。The .NET storage client library is also available in the Azure SDK for .NET.

Java 示例Java samples

要浏览 Java 示例,请下载 Java 存储客户端库To explore the Java samples, download the Java Storage Client Library.

Node.js 示例Node.js samples

要浏览 Node.js 示例,请下载 Node.js 存储客户端库To explore the Node.js samples, download the Node.js Storage Client Library.

C ++ 示例C++ samples

若要浏览 C++ 示例,请从 NuGet 下载 C++ 存储客户端库To explore the C++ samples, download the C++ Storage Client Library from NuGet.

API 参考和源代码API reference and source code

语言Language API 参考API reference 源代码Source code
.NET.NET .NET 客户端库参考.NET Client Library Reference .NET 存储客户端库的源代码Source code for the .NET storage client library
JavaJava Java 客户端库参考Java Client Library Reference Java 存储客户端库的源代码Source code for the Java storage client library
Node.jsNode.js Node.js 客户端库参考Node.js Client Library Reference Node.js 存储客户端库的源代码Source code for the Node.js storage client library
C++C++ C++ 客户端库参考C++ Client Library Reference C++ 存储客户端库的源代码Source code for the C++ storage client library

后续步骤Next steps

以下文章按服务(blob、文件、队列、表)为每个示例建立索引。The following articles index each of the samples by service (blob, file, queue, table).

[Azure Storage samples using Java](