Azure Synapse Analytics 中 Synapse SQL 池的设计决策和编码技术Design decisions and coding techniques for a Synapse SQL pool in Azure Synapse Analytics

在本文中,你将查找更多资源,帮助你更好地理解 Azure Synapse 中 SQL 池的关键设计决策、建议和编码技术。In this article, you'll find additional resources to help you better understand key design decisions, recommendations, and coding techniques for a SQL pool in Azure Synapse.

关键设计决策Key design decisions

以下文章重点介绍了使用 Azure Synapse 中的 SQL 池功能开发分布式数据仓库的概念和设计决策:The following articles highlight concepts and design decisions for developing a distributed data warehouse using the SQL pool capability in Azure Synapse:

开发建议和编程技术Development recommendations and coding techniques

以下文章介绍了开发 SQL 池的特定编码技术、技巧和建议:The following articles feature specific coding techniques, tips, and recommendations for developing a SQL pool:

后续步骤Next steps

有关更多参考信息,请参阅 T-SQL 语句For more reference information, see T-SQL statements.