Azure Synapse Analytics 中专用 SQL 池的可管理性和监视Manageability and monitoring with dedicated SQL pool in Azure Synapse Analytics

Synapse SQL 允许你通过专用 SQL 池预配数据仓库。Synapse SQL allows you to provision a data warehouse via dedicated SQL pool. 以下文章可帮助你管理和监视数据仓库。The articles that follow will help you to manage and monitor your data warehouse. 你还将了解如何优化数据仓库的使用和性能。You'll also learn ways to optimize the data warehouse's usage and performance.


后续步骤Next steps

有关操作指南的信息,请参阅监视和优化专用 SQL 池For How-to guides, see Monitor and tune your dedicated SQL pool.