Azure 时序见解 Gen2 数据引入概述Azure Time Series Insights Gen2 data ingestion overview

Azure 时序见解第 2 代环境包含一个用于收集、处理和存储流时序数据的引入引擎。Your Azure Time Series Insights Gen2 environment contains an ingestion engine to collect, process, and store streaming time series data. 当数据到达事件源时,Azure 时序见解第 2 代将以准实时的方式使用和存储数据。As data arrives into your event source(s), Azure Time Series Insights Gen2 will consume and store your data in near real time.

引入概述Ingestion overview

“引入”主题Ingestion topics

以下文章深入介绍了数据处理,包括要遵循的最佳做法:The following articles cover data processing in depth, including best practices to follow:

  • 阅读有关事件源的信息以及有关选择事件源时间戳的指南。Read about event sources and guidance on selecting an event source timestamp.

  • 查看受支持的数据类型Review the supported data types

  • 了解“引入”引擎如何将一组规则应用于 JSON 属性,以创建存储帐户列。Understand how the ingestion engine will apply a set of rules to your JSON properties to create your storage account columns.

  • 查看环境吞吐量限制,以便针对缩放需求进行规划。Review your environment throughput limitations to plan for your scale needs.

后续步骤Next steps

  • 继续详细了解 Azure 时序见解第 2 代环境的事件源Continue on to learn more about event sources for your Azure Time Series Insights Gen2 environment.