Azure 虚拟机大小命名约定Azure virtual machine sizes naming conventions

本页概述了用于 Azure VM 的命名约定。This page outlines the naming conventions used for Azure VMs. VM 使用这些命名约定来表示不同的功能和规格。VMs use these naming conventions to denote varying features and specifications.

命名约定说明Naming convention explanation

[系列] + [子系列*] + [vCPU 数] + [受约束的 vCPU 数*] + [累加功能] + [加速器类型*] + [版本] [Family] + [Sub-family*] + [# of vCPUs] + [Constrained vCPUs*] + [Additive Features] + [Accelerator Type*] + [Version]

Value 说明Explanation
系列Family 指示 VM 系列Indicates the VM Family Series
*子系列*Sub-family 仅用于专门的 VM 区分Used for specialized VM differentiations only
# 个 vCPU# of vCPUs 表示 VM 的 vCPU 数目Denotes the number of vCPUs of the VM
受约束的 vCPU 数*Constrained vCPUs 仅用于某些 VM 大小。Used for certain VM sizes only. 表示实现受约束 vCPU 大小所需的 vCPU 数量Denotes the number of vCPUs for the constrained vCPU capable size
累加功能Additive Features 一个或多个小写字母表示累加功能,例如:One or more lower case letters denote additive features, such as:
a = 基于 AMD 的处理器a = AMD-based processor
d = 磁盘(存在本地临时磁盘);这适用于较新的 Azure VM,请参阅 Ddv4 和 Ddsv4 系列d = disk (local temp disk is present); this is for newer Azure VMs, see Ddv4 and Ddsv4-series
h = 支持休眠h = hibernation capable
i = 独立的大小i = isolated size
l = 内存不足;内存量低于内存密集型大小l = low memory; a lower amount of memory than the memory intensive size
m = 内存密集型;特定大小的最大内存量m = memory intensive; the most amount of memory in a particular size
t = 较小内存;特定大小中的最小内存量t = tiny memory; the smallest amount of memory in a particular size
r = 支持 RDMAr = RDMA capable
s = 支持高级存储(注意:没有 s 属性的一些较新大小仍可支持高级存储,例如 M128、M64 等)s = Premium Storage capable, (Note: some newer sizes without the attribute of s can still support Premium Storage e.g. M128, M64, etc.)
*加速器类型*Accelerator Type 表示专用/GPU SKU 中的硬件加速器的类型。Denotes the type of hardware accelerator in the specialized/GPU SKUs. 只有自 2020 年第 3 季度起推出的新的专用/GPU SKU 才能在名称中包含硬件加速器。Only the new specialized/GPU SKUs launched from Q3 2020 will have the hardware accelerator in the name.
版本Version 表示 VM 系列的版本Denotes the version of the VM Family Series

细分示例Example breakdown

[系列] + [子系列*] + [# 个 vCPU] + [附加功能] + [加速器类型*] + [版本][Family] + [Sub-family*] + [# of vCPUs] + [Additive Features] + [Accelerator Type*] + [Version]

后续步骤Next steps

详细了解 Azure 中的可用 VM 大小Learn more about available VM Sizes in Azure.