ExpressRoute partners and peering locations

The tables in this article provide information on ExpressRoute geographical coverage and locations, ExpressRoute connectivity providers, and ExpressRoute System Integrators (SIs).


Azure regions and ExpressRoute locations are two distinct and different concepts, understanding the difference between the two is critical to exploring Azure hybrid networking connectivity.

Azure regions

Azure regions are global datacenters where Azure compute, networking, and storage resources are located. When creating an Azure resource, a customer needs to select a resource location. The resource location determines which Azure datacenter (or availability zone) the resource is created in.

ExpressRoute locations

ExpressRoute is supported across all Azure China regions and locations. The following map provides a list of Azure regions and ExpressRoute locations in China. ExpressRoute locations refer to those where Azure peers with several service providers.

China Location map

You will have access to Azure services across all regions within a geopolitical region if you connected to at least one ExpressRoute location within the geopolitical region.

Azure regions and geopolitical boundaries for national clouds

The table below provides information on regions and geopolitical boundaries for Azure China cloud.

Geopolitical region Azure regions ExpressRoute locations
China East China East, China East 2 Shanghai, Shanghai2
China North China North, China North 2, China North 3 Beijing, Beijing2

Connectivity across geopolitical regions is not supported on the standard ExpressRoute SKU. You will need to enable the ExpressRoute premium add-on to support global connectivity. Connectivity from Azure China cloud to other Azure cloud environments is not supported. You can work with your connectivity provider if such a need arises.

ExpressRoute connectivity providers

The following table shows connectivity locations and the service providers for each location. If you want to view service providers and the locations for which they can provide service, see Locations by service provider.

National cloud environments

Azure China cloud is isolated from Azure others clouds. ExpressRoute for Azure China cloud cannot connect to the Azure regions in the others clouds.


Location Address Local Azure regions ER Direct Service providers
Beijing China Telecom n/a Supported Beijing Telecom Ethernet
Beijing2 GDS n/a Supported Beijing Telecom Ethernet, China Unicom, GDS
Shanghai China Telecom n/a Supported Shanghai Telecom Ethernet
Shanghai2 GDS n/a Supported Shanghai Telecom Ethernet, China Unicom, GDS

To learn more, see ExpressRoute in China.

** ExpressRoute Local is not available in China.

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