Azure Active Directory B2C 解决方案和培训Solutions and Training for Azure Active Directory B2C

借助 Azure Active Directory B2C (Azure AD B2C),组织能够实现帮助其与客户建立联系的业务解决方案。Azure Active Directory B2C (Azure AD B2C) enables organizations to implement business solutions that help them connect with their customers. 以下解决方案指南和培训是可供下载的文档,能够帮助你了解这些解决方案。The following solution guides and training are downloadable documents that will walk you through these solutions.

标题Title 说明Description
使用 Azure AD B2C 进行客户标识管理Customer Identity Management with Azure AD B2C 在本服务概述中,来自 Azure AD B2C 团队的 Parakh Jain 概要介绍了服务的工作原理,并展示了如何快速将 B2C 连接到 ASP.NET Core 应用程序。In this overview of the service, Parakh Jain from the Azure AD B2C team provides us an overview of how the service works, and also show how we can quickly connect B2C to an ASP.NET Core application.
使用 Azure AD B2C 的优点Benefits of using Azure AD B2C 了解 Azure AD B2C 的优点和常见方案,以及应用程序可以如何利用此 CIAM 服务。Understand the benefits and common scenarios of Azure AD B2C, and how your application(s) can leverage this CIAM service.
获取 Azure AD B2C 中的专业知识:开发人员课程Gaining Expertise in Azure AD B2C: A Course for Developers 本端到端课程可带领开发人员完成使用 Azure AD B2C 作为身份验证机制来开发应用程序的完整流程。This end-to-end course takes developers through a complete journey on developing applications with Azure AD B2C as the authentication mechanism. 带实验室的十个深度模块涵盖从设置 Azure 订阅到创建定义客户吸引旅程的自定义策略在内的所有内容。Ten in-depth modules with labs cover everything from setting up an Azure subscription to creating custom policies that define the journeys that engage your customers.
让合作伙伴、供应商和客户能够使用 Azure Active Directory 访问应用程序Enabling partners, Suppliers, and Customers to Access Applications with Azure active Directory 无论规模、所处的行业、合规情况和安全状况如何,每个组织的成功都依赖于该组织与其他组织协作并与客户建立联系的能力。Every organization’s success, regardless of its size, industry, or compliance and security posture, relies on organizational ability to collaborate with other organizations and connect with customers.

本指南结合使用 Azure AD、Azure AD B2C 和 Azure AD B2B 协作,详细介绍了生成具有以下特征的应用程序或 Web 体验的业务价值和机制:提供专为员工、业务合作伙伴和供应商以及客户环境量身定制的整合身份验证体验。Bringing together Azure AD, Azure AD B2C, and Azure AD B2B Collaboration, this guide details the business value and the mechanics of building an application or web experience that provides a consolidated authentication experience tailored to the contexts of your employees, business partners and suppliers, and customers.
在混合环境中将应用程序身份验证迁移到 Azure AD B2CMigrating Application Authentication to Azure AD B2C in a Hybrid Environment 在当今的现代组织中,数字化转型和迁移到云在不同阶段进行,这让大多数组织至少需要暂时在混合标识环境中运营。In today’s modern organizations, digital transformation and moving to the cloud happens in stages, requiring most organizations to at least temporarily operate in a hybrid identity environment.

本指南重点介绍如何创建将第一个应用程序移到 Azure AD B2C 的迁移计划,并涵盖在混合标识环境中这样做时应该注意的事项。This guide focuses on creating the migration plan for moving your first application to Azure AD B2C, and covers the considerations for doing so while in a hybrid identity environment.
面向客户的应用程序的一般数据保护条例 (GDPR) 注意事项General Data protection Regulation (GDPR) Considerations for Customer Facing Applications 对于任何面向客户的应用程序,着手将会保存个人数据及服务欧盟公民的项目的所有组织都必须将 GDPR 纳入考虑。For any customer facing applications, GDPR must be taken into consideration by all organizations that embark on projects that hold personal data and serve EU citizens.

本解决方案指南重点介绍如何将 Azure AD B2C 用作整体 GDPR 合规方法的灵活组件,其中包括如何通过 Azure AD B2C 组件支持个人的每个关键 GDPR 权利。This solution guide focuses on how Azure AD B2C can be used as a flexible component of your overall GDPR compliance approach, including how Azure AD B2C components support each of the key GDPR rights for individuals.
使用自定义策略:Working with custom policies:
本系列文档提供了 Azure AD B2C 中自定义策略的端到端之旅,深入介绍了最常见的高级标识方案。This series of documents provides an end-to-end journey with the custom policies in Azure AD B2C, presenting in-depth the most common advanced identity scenarios.

它包括如何为这些方案实施和管理自定义策略,以及如何使用可用工具对其进行诊断。It includes how to implement and manage custom policies for these scenarios and how to diagnose them with the available tooling. 它还深入探讨了自定义策略工作原理,并详细说明了如何对其进行微调以满足自己的特定要求。It also provides an in-depth understanding of how custom policies work and details how to fine-tune them to accommodate your own specific requirements.