为 Azure Active Directory 域服务中的问题配置电子邮件通知Configure email notifications for issues in Azure Active Directory Domain Services

Azure 平台会监视 Azure Active Directory 域服务 (Azure AD DS) 托管域的运行状况。The health of an Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Azure AD DS) managed domain is monitored by the Azure platform. Azure 门户中的运行状况页显示托管域的任何警报。The health status page in the Azure portal shows any alerts for the managed domain. 为了确保及时对问题做出响应,可以将电子邮件通知配置为在 Azure AD DS 托管域中检测到运行状况警报时立即报告。To make sure issues are responded to in a timely manner, email notifications can be configured to report on health alerts as soon as they're detected in the Azure AD DS managed domain.

本文介绍如何为托管域配置电子邮件通知收件人。This article shows you how to configure email notification recipients for a managed domain.

电子邮件通知概述Email notification overview

若要提醒你有关托管域的问题,可以配置电子邮件通知。To alert you of issues with a managed domain, you can configure email notifications. 这些电子邮件通知指定存在警报的托管域,并提供检测时间以及指向 Azure 门户中运行状况页的链接。These email notifications specify the managed domain that the alert is present on, as well as giving the time of detection and a link to the health page in the Azure portal. 然后,你可以按照所提供的故障排除建议解决这些问题。You can then follow the provided troubleshooting advice to resolve the issues.

以下示例电子邮件通知指示托管域上生成了严重警告或警报:The following example email notification indicates a critical warning or alert was generated on the managed domain:



单击邮件中的链接之前,请始终确保电子邮件来自已验证的 Microsoft 发件人。Always make sure that the email comes from a verified Microsoft sender before you click the links in the message. 电子邮件通知始终来自 azure-noreply@microsoft.com 地址。The email notifications always come from the azure-noreply@microsoft.com address.

为什么我会收到电子邮件通知?Why would I receive email notifications?

Azure AD DS 发送有关托管域的重要更新的电子邮件通知。Azure AD DS sends email notifications for important updates about the managed domain. 这些通知仅适用于影响服务并应立即解决的紧急问题。These notifications are only for urgent issues that impact the service and should be addressed immediately. 在托管域上,警报会触发每个电子邮件通知。Each email notification is triggered by an alert on the managed domain. 这些警报也会出现在 Azure 门户中,可以在 Azure AD DS 运行状况页中进行查看。The alerts also appear in the Azure portal and can be viewed on the Azure AD DS health page.

Azure AD DS 不会发送用于广告、更新或销售目的的电子邮件。Azure AD DS doesn't send emails for advertisement, updates, or sales purposes.

为什么我会收到电子邮件通知?When will I receive email notifications?

当托管域中出现新警报时,会立即发送通知。A notification is sent immediately when a new alert is found on a managed domain. 如果警报未解决,每隔四天将另外发送一次电子邮件通知进行提醒。If the alert isn't resolved, additional email notifications are sent as a reminder every four days.

谁会收到电子邮件通知?Who should receive the email notifications?

Azure AD DS 的电子邮件收件人列表应由能够管理和更改托管域的人员组成。The list of email recipients for Azure AD DS should be composed of people who are able to administer and make changes to the managed domain. 应将此电子邮件列表视为任何警报和问题的“第一个响应方”。This email list should be thought of as your "first responders" to any alerts and issues.

最多可另外添加 5 个电子邮件通知收件人。You can add up to five additional emails recipients for email notifications. 如果你希望 5 个以上的收件人接收电子邮件通知,请创建一个通讯组列表并改将其添加到通知列表。If you want more than five recipients for email notifications, create a distribution list and add that to the notification list instead.

还可以选择让 Azure AD 目录的所有全局管理员和“AAD DC 管理员”组的每个成员都接收电子邮件通知。You can also choose to have all Global Administrators of the Azure AD directory and every member of the AAD DC Administrators group receive email notifications. Azure AD DS 仅向最多 100 个电子邮件地址发送通知,其中包括全局管理员和 AAD DC 管理员的列表。Azure AD DS only sends notification to up to 100 email addresses, including the list of global administrators and AAD DC administrators.

配置电子邮件通知Configure email notifications

若要查看现有电子邮件通知收件人或添加其他收件人,请完成以下步骤:To review the existing email notification recipients or add additional recipients, complete the following steps:

  1. 在 Azure 门户中,搜索并选择“Azure AD 域服务”。In the Azure portal, search for and select Azure AD Domain Services.
  2. 选择你的托管域,例如“aaddscontoso.com”。Select your managed domain, such as aaddscontoso.com.
  3. 在 Azure AD DS 资源窗口的左侧,选择“通知设置”。On the left-hand side of the Azure AD DS resource window, select Notification settings. 此时会显示电子邮件通知的现有收件人。The existing recipients for email notifications are shown.
  4. 若要添加电子邮件收件人,请在其他收件人表中输入电子邮件地址。To add an email recipient, enter the email address in the additional recipients table.
  5. 完成后,在顶部导航栏中选择“保存”。When done, select Save on the top-hand navigation.


更改通知设置时,将更新整个托管域的通知设置,而不是只更新你自己的通知设置。When you change the notification settings, the notification settings for the entire managed domain are updated, not just yourself.

常见问题Frequently asked questions

我收到了有关警报的电子邮件通知,但在登录到 Azure 门户后没有任何警报。I received an email notification for an alert but when I logged on to the Azure portal there was no alert. 发生了什么情况?What happened?

如果警报已解决,警报将从 Azure 门户中清除。If an alert is resolved, the alert is cleared from the Azure portal. 最可能的原因是收到电子邮件通知的其他人已解决了托管域上的警报,或 Azure 平台自动解决了此警报。The most likely reason is that someone else who receives email notifications resolved the alert on the managed domain, or it was autoresolved by Azure platform.

为什么我无法编辑通知设置?Why can I not edit the notification settings?

如果无法访问 Azure 门户中的通知设置页,则无权编辑托管域。If you're unable to access the notification settings page in the Azure portal, you don't have the permissions to edit the managed domain. 请与全局管理员联系,以获取编辑 Azure AD DS 资源的权限,否则系统会将你从收件人列表中删除。Contact a global administrator to either get permissions to edit Azure AD DS resource or be removed from the recipient list.

我似乎没有收到电子邮件通知,即使已提供我的电子邮件地址也没有收到。I don't seem to be receiving email notifications even though I provided my email address. 为什么?Why?

请检查电子邮件中的垃圾邮件文件夹中是否存在通知,并确保允许发件人 azure-noreply@microsoft.com 发送通知。Check your spam or junk folder in your email for the notification and make sure to allow the sender of azure-noreply@microsoft.com.

后续步骤Next steps

若要详细了解如何排查可能报告的某些问题,请参阅解决托管域的警报For more information on troubleshooting some of the issues that may be reported, see Resolve alerts on a managed domain.