Azure Monitor 中的见解概述Overview of Insights in Azure Monitor

见解针对特定的应用程序和服务提供自定义的监视体验。Insights provide a customized monitoring experience for particular applications and services. 它们将数据存储在 Azure Monitor 数据平台中,并利用其他 Azure Monitor 功能分析数据和发出警报,但可以收集更多数据,并在 Azure 门户中提供独特的用户体验。They store data in the Azure Monitor data platform and leverage other Azure Monitor features for analysis and alerting but may collect additional data and provide a unique user experience in the Azure portal. 可以通过 Azure 门户中“Azure Monitor”菜单的“见解”部分访问见解。Access insights from the Insights section of the Azure Monitor menu in the Azure portal.

以下部分简要介绍了 Azure Monitor 中当前提供的见解。The following sections provide a brief description of the insights that are currently available in Azure Monitor. 有关每种见解的详细信息,请参阅详细文档。See the detailed documentation for details on each.

Application InsightsApplication Insights

Application Insights 是多个平台上面向 Web 开发人员的可扩展应用程序性能管理 (APM) 服务。Application Insights is an extensible Application Performance Management (APM) service for web developers on multiple platforms. 使用它可以监视实时 Web 应用程序。Use it to monitor your live web application. 它适用于本地云、混合云或任何公有云中托管的各种平台(包括 .NET、Node.js 和 Java EE)中的应用程序。It works for applications on a wide variety of platforms including .NET, Node.js and Java EE, hosted on-premises, hybrid, or any public cloud. 它还与 DevOps 流程集成,并提供了与各种开发工具的连接点。It also integrates with your DevOps process and has connection points to a variety of development tools.

请参阅什么是 Application Insights?See What is Application Insights?.

Application Insights

用于容器的 Azure MonitorAzure Monitor for Containers

用于容器的 Azure Monitor 可监视部署到 Azure 容器实例或 Azure Kubernetes 服务 (AKS) 上托管的托管 Kubernetes 群集的容器工作负荷的性能。Azure Monitor for containers monitors the performance of container workloads deployed to either Azure Container Instances or managed Kubernetes clusters hosted on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). 监视容器至关重要,特别是在大规模运行包含多个应用程序的生产群集时。Monitoring your containers is critical, especially when you're running a production cluster, at scale, with multiple applications.

请参阅用于容器的 Azure Monitor 概述See Azure Monitor for containers overview.

用于容器的 Azure Monitor

用于资源组的 Azure Monitor(预览版)Azure Monitor for Resource Groups (preview)

用于资源组的 Azure Monitor 有助于会审和诊断各资源出现的任何问题,同时提供有关资源组整体运行状况和性能的上下文。Azure Monitor for resource groups helps to triage and diagnose any problems your individual resources encounter, while offering context as to the health and performance of the resource group as a whole.

Azure 网络监视器(预览版)Azure Monitor for Networks (preview)

Azure 网络监视器提供所有网络资源的运行状况和指标的综合视图。Azure Monitor for Networks provides a comprehensive view of health and metrics for all your network resource. 高级搜索功能通过便捷搜索网站名称,帮助你识别资源依赖关系,从而能够支持多种方案,例如识别用于托管网站的资源等。The advanced search capability helps you identify resource dependencies, enabling scenarios like identifying resource that are hosting your website, by simply searching for your website name.

用于网络的 Azure Monitor

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