Azure 门户中的键盘快捷方式Keyboard shortcuts in the Azure portal

本文列出了 Azure 门户中使用的键盘快捷方式。This article lists the keyboard shortcuts that work everywhere in the Azure portal. 各个服务可能有其自己的键盘快捷方式。Individual services may have their own keyboard shortcuts.


为了执行此操作To do this action 请按Press
创建资源Create a resource G+NG+N
打开“所有服务”Open All services G+BG+B
搜索资源、服务和文档Search resources, services, and docs G+/G+/
搜索资源菜单项Search resource menu items CTRL+/CTRL+/
上移所选的左边栏项Move up the selected left sidebar item ALT+Shift+向上键ALT+Shift+Up Arrow
下移所选的左边栏项Move the selected left sidebar item down ALT+Shift+向下键ALT+Shift+Down Arrow
为了执行此导航To do this navigation 请按Press
将焦点移到命令栏Move focus to command bar G+,G+,
在标头和左边栏之间切换焦点Toggle focus between header and left sidebar G+.G+.

转到Go to

转到此位置To go to this location 请按Press
转到“仪表板” Go to Dashboard G+DG+D
转到“所有资源” Go to All resources G+AG+A
转到“资源组” Go to Resource groups G+RG+R
打开此位置的左边栏项Open the left sidebar item at this position G+数字G+number

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