Microsoft.Storage.StorageBlobSelector UI 元素Microsoft.Storage.StorageBlobSelector UI element

用于从 Azure 存储帐户选择 blob 的控件。A control for selecting a blob from an Azure storage account.

UI 示例UI sample

向用户呈现用于浏览可用存储 blob 的选项。The user is presented with the option to browse for available storage blobs.

Microsoft.Storage.StorageBlobSelector - 浏览

选择“浏览”后,用户可以选择存储帐户。After selecting Browse, the user can select a storage account.

Microsoft.Storage.StorageBlobSelector - 选择存储

用户会看到存储帐户中的容器,并且可以选择一个。The user sees the containers in the storage account and can select one.

Microsoft.Storage.StorageBlobSelector - 选择容器

用户可以从容器中选择一个文件。From the container, the user can select a file.

Microsoft.Storage.StorageBlobSelector - 文件

该控件会更新,以显示所选文件名。The control is updated to display the selected file name.

Microsoft.Storage.StorageBlobSelector - 显示选定文件


  "name": "storageBlobSelection",
  "type": "Microsoft.Storage.StorageBlobSelector",
  "visible": true,
  "toolTip": "Select storage blob",
  "label": "Package (.zip, .cspkg)",
  "options": {
    "text": "Select Package"
  "constraints": {
    "allowedFileExtensions": [ "zip", "cspkg" ]

示例输出Sample output

  "blobName": "",
  "sasUri": ""


constraints.allowedFileExtensions 属性指定允许的文件类型。The constraints.allowedFileExtensions property specifies the allowed file types.

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