Azure 云服务的应用程序和服务可用性问题:常见问题解答 (FAQ)Application and service availability issues for Azure Cloud Services: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

本文包含 Azure 云服务的常见应用程序和服务可用性问题。This article includes frequently asked questions about application and service availability issues for Azure Cloud Services. 还可以参阅云服务 VM 大小页面,了解大小信息。You can also consult the Cloud Services VM Size page for size information.

如果本文未解决你的 Azure 问题,请访问 MSDN 和 CSDN 上的 Azure 论坛。If your Azure issue is not addressed in this article, visit the Azure forums on MSDN and CSDN. 可以在这些论坛上发布问题。You can post your issue in these forums. 还可提交 Azure 支持请求。You also can submit an Azure support request. 若要提交支持请求,请在 Azure 支持页上提交。To submit a support request, on the Azure support page.

我的角色已被回收。My role got recycled. 是否针对我的云服务推出了任何更新?Was there any update rolled out for my cloud service?

Microsoft 大约每隔一个月就会针对 Windows Azure PaaS VM 发布新的来宾 OS 版本。Roughly once a month, Microsoft releases a new Guest OS version for Windows Azure PaaS VMs. 来宾 OS 只不过是此类更新的其中一种。 The Guest OS is only one such update in the pipeline. 发布可能会受到其他许多因素的影响。A release can be affected by many other factors. 此外,Azure 在数十万台计算机上运行。In addition, Azure runs on hundreds of thousands of machines. 因此,无法预测重新启动角色的确切日期和时间。Therefore, it's impossible to predict the exact date and time when your roles will reboot. 我们使用具备的最新信息更新来宾 OS 更新 RSS 源,但你应该考虑到,报告的时间是近似值。We update the Guest OS Update RSS Feed with the latest information that we have, but you should consider that reported time to be an approximate value. 我们意识到这对于客户构成问题,并正在致力于限制重新启动或为重新启动精确定时的计划。We are aware that this is problematic for customers and are working on a plan to limit or precisely time reboots.

有关最新来宾 OS 更新的完整详细信息,请参阅 Azure 来宾 OS 版本和 SDK 兼容性矩阵For complete details about recent Guest OS updates, see Azure Guest OS releases and SDK compatibility matrix.

云服务空闲一段时间后,为何对服务发出的第一个请求花费的时间比平时要长?Why does the first request to my cloud service after the service has been idle for some time take longer than usual?

当 Web 服务器收到第一个请求时,它会先重新编译代码,然后处理请求。When the Web Server receives the first request, it first recompiles the code and then processes the request. 这就是第一个请求花费的时间长于其他请求的原因。That's why the first request takes longer than the others. 默认情况下,当用户处于非活动状态时,应用池将会关闭。By default, the app pool gets shut down in cases of user inactivity. 此外,在默认情况下,应用池会每隔 1,740 分钟(29 小时)回收一次。The app pool will also recycle by default every 1,740 minutes (29 hours).

可能会定期回收 Internet Information Services (IIS) 应用程序池,以免发生可能会导致应用程序崩溃、挂起或内存泄漏的不稳定状态。Internet Information Services (IIS) application pools can be periodically recycled to avoid unstable states that can lead to application crashes, hangs, or memory leaks.

以下文档可帮助你了解和缓解此问题:The following documents will help you understand and mitigate this issue:

若要更改 IIS 的默认行为,需要使用启动任务,因为如果向 Web 角色实例手动应用更改,更改最终会丢失。If you want to change the default behavior of IIS, you will need to use startup tasks, because if you manually apply changes to the Web Role instances, the changes will eventually be lost.

有关详细信息,请参阅如何配置和运行云服务的启动任务For more information, see How to configure and run startup tasks for a cloud service.