Azure 容器实例的配额和限制Quotas and limits for Azure Container Instances

所有 Azure 服务都包括某些针对资源和功能的默认限制和配额。All Azure services include certain default limits and quotas for resources and features. 本文详细介绍了 Azure 容器实例的默认配额和限制。This article details the default quotas and limits for Azure Container Instances.

有关 Azure 区域中 Azure 容器实例功能和资源的可用性,请参阅 Azure 容器实例的资源可用性For the availability of Azure Container Instances features and resources in Azure regions, see Resource availability for Azure Container Instances.

服务配额和限制Service quotas and limits

资源Resource 限制Limit
每个区域每个订阅的标准 sku 容器组数Standard sku container groups per region per subscription 10011001
每个区域每个订阅的专用 sku 容器组数Dedicated sku container groups per region per subscription 0101
每个容器组的容器数Number of containers per container group 6060
每个容器组的卷数Number of volumes per container group 2020
每个订阅每个区域的标准 sku 核心数(CPU 数)Standard sku cores (CPUs) per region per subscription 101,2101,2
每个订阅每个区域的 V100 GPU 的标准 sku 核心数(CPU 数)Standard sku cores (CPUs) for V100 GPU per region per subscription 01,201,2
每个 IP 的端口数Ports per IP 55
容器实例日志大小 - 正在运行的实例Container instance log size - running instance 4 MB4 MB
容器实例日志大小 - 已停止的实例Container instance log size - stopped instance 16 KB 或 1,000 行16 KB or 1,000 lines
每小时创建容器次数Container creates per hour 30013001
每 5 分钟创建容器次数Container creates per 5 minutes 10011001
每小时删除容器次数Container deletes per hour 30013001
每 5 分钟删除容器次数Container deletes per 5 minutes 10011001

1要请求提高上限,请创建一个 Azure 支持请求1To request a limit increase, create an Azure Support request. 从包括试用版订阅的免费订阅到“标准预付费套餐”订阅。Free subscriptions including Trial Subscription to a Standard Pay-in-Advance Offer subscription.
2 标准预付费套餐订阅的默认限制。2Default limit for Standard Pay-in-Advance Offer subscription. 其他类别类型的上限可能有所不同。Limit may differ for other category types.

后续步骤Next steps

某些默认限制和配额可以提高。Certain default limits and quotas can be increased. 若要请求增加一个或多个资源(如果支持此类增加),请提交 Azure 支持请求(选择“配额”作为“问题类型” )。To request an increase of one or more resources that support such an increase, please submit an Azure support request (select "Quota" for Issue type).