Azure 容器注册表中支持的内容格式Content formats supported in Azure Container Registry

使用 Azure 容器注册表中的专用存储库来管理以下内容格式之一。Use a private repository in Azure Container Registry to manage one of the following content formats.

兼容 Docker 的容器映像Docker-compatible container images

支持以下 Docker 容器映像格式:The following Docker container image formats are supported:

OCI 映像OCI images

Azure 容器注册表支持符合开放容器计划 (OCI) 映像格式规范(包括可选的映像索引规范)的映像。Azure Container Registry supports images that meet the Open Container Initiative (OCI) Image Format Specification, including the optional image index specification. 打包格式包括奇点映像格式 (SIF)Packaging formats include Singularity Image Format (SIF).

OCI 项目OCI artifacts

Azure 容器注册表支持 OCI 分发规范,这是一个独立于供应商、与云无关的规范,用于存储、共享、保护和部署容器映像和其他内容类型(项目)。Azure Container Registry supports the OCI Distribution Specification, a vendor-neutral, cloud-agnostic spec to store, share, secure, and deploy container images and other content types (artifacts). 除了容器映像外,该规范还允许注册表存储各种不同的项目。The specification allows a registry to store a wide range of artifacts in addition to container images. 可以使用适合于项目的工具来推送和拉取项目。You use tooling appropriate to the artifact to push and pull artifacts. 有关示例,请参阅使用 Azure 容器注册表推送和拉取 OCI 项目For an example, see Push and pull an OCI artifact using an Azure container registry.

若要详细了解 OCI 项目,请参阅 GitHub 上的 OCI 注册表即存储 (ORAS) 存储库和 OCI 项目存储库。To learn more about OCI artifacts, see the OCI Registry as Storage (ORAS) repo and the OCI Artifacts repo on GitHub.

Helm 图表Helm charts

Azure 容器注册表可以承载 Helm 图表的存储库,该存储库是用来快速为 Kubernetes 管理和部署应用程序的一种打包格式。Azure Container Registry can host repositories for Helm charts, a packaging format used to quickly manage and deploy applications for Kubernetes. 支持 Helm 客户端版本 2(2.11.0 或更高版本)。Helm client version 2 (2.11.0 or later) is supported.

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