ACR 任务示例ACR Tasks samples

本文链接到几个 Azure 容器注册表任务(ACR 任务)方案的示例 task.yaml 文件和关联的 Dockerfile。This article links to example task.yaml files and associated Dockerfiles for several Azure Container Registry Tasks (ACR Tasks) scenarios.

有关其他示例,请参阅 Azure 示例存储库。For additional examples, see the Azure samples repo.


后续步骤Next steps

详细了解 ACR 任务:Learn more about ACR Tasks:

  • 多步骤任务 - 基于 ACR 任务的工作流,用于在云中生成、测试和修补容器映像。Multi-step tasks - ACR Task-based workflows for building, testing, and patching container images in the cloud.
  • 任务参考 - 任务步骤的类型、属性和用法。Task reference - Task step types, their properties, and usage.
  • 命令存储库 - 作为 ACR 任务命令的容器的集合。Cmd repo - A collection of containers as commands for ACR Tasks.