Azure Cosmos DB 中的联机备份和按需数据还原Online backup and on-demand data restore in Azure Cosmos DB

适用于: SQL API Cassandra API Gremlin API 表 API Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB

Azure Cosmos DB 会定期自动备份数据。Azure Cosmos DB automatically takes backups of your data at regular intervals. 自动备份不会影响数据库操作的性能或可用性。The automatic backups are taken without affecting the performance or availability of the database operations. 所有备份都单独存储在某个存储服务中。All the backups are stored separately in a storage service. 如果意外删除或更新了 Azure Cosmos 帐户、数据库或容器,而稍后需要恢复数据,那么在这种情况下自动备份非常有用。The automatic backups are helpful in scenarios when you accidentally delete or update your Azure Cosmos account, database, or container and later require the data recovery.

  • 定期备份模式 - 对于所有现有帐户,此模式是默认备份模式。Periodic backup mode - This mode is the default backup mode for all existing accounts. 在此模式下,将定期执行备份,并通过创建支持团队请求来还原数据。In this mode, backup is taken at a periodic interval and the data is restored by creating a request with the support team. 在此模式下,你将为帐户配置备份间隔和保留期。In this mode, you configure a backup interval and retention for your account. 最长保留期可延长至一个月。The maximum retention period extends to a month. 最小备份间隔可以是一小时。The minimum backup interval can be one hour. 若要了解详细信息,请参阅定期备份模式一文。To learn more, see the Periodic backup mode article.

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接下来,你可以了解如何配置和管理帐户的定期和连续备份模式:Next you can learn about how to configure and manage periodic and continuous backup modes for your account: