教程:订购 Azure Data Box DiskTutorial: Order an Azure Data Box Disk

Azure Data Box Disk 是一个混合云解决方案,可用于快速、方便、可靠地将本地数据导入 Azure 中。Azure Data Box Disk is a hybrid cloud solution that allows you to import your on-premises data into Azure in a quick, easy, and reliable way. 你可以将数据传输到 Azure 提供的固态硬盘 (SSD),并寄回磁盘。You transfer your data to solid-state disks (SSDs) supplied by Azure and ship the disks back. 然后,此数据将上传到 Azure。This data is then uploaded to Azure.

本教程介绍如何订购 Azure Data Box 磁盘。This tutorial describes how you can order an Azure Data Box Disk. 本教程的介绍内容包括:In this tutorial, you learn about:

  • 订购 Data Box 磁盘Order a Data Box Disk
  • 跟踪订单Track the order
  • 取消订单Cancel the order


在部署之前,请完成适用于 Data Box 服务和 Data Box Disk 的以下配置先决条件。Before you deploy, complete the following configuration prerequisites for Data Box service and Data Box Disk.

对于服务For service

在开始之前,请确保:Before you begin, make sure that:

  • 你的 Azure 存储帐户具有访问凭据,如存储帐户名和访问密钥。You have your Azure storage account with access credentials, such as storage account name and access key.

  • 用于 Data Box 服务的订阅是下述类型之一:The subscription you use for Data Box service is one of the following types:

  • 确保你有订阅的所有者或参与者访问权限,以便创建设备订单。Ensure that you have owner or contributor access to the subscription to create a device order.

对于设备For device

在开始之前,请确保:Before you begin, make sure that:

  • 你有一台可用的客户端计算机,可以从中复制数据。You have a client computer available from which you can copy the data. 客户端计算机必须:Your client computer must:

订购 Data Box 磁盘Order Data Box Disk

登录到:Sign in to:

按照以下步骤订购 Data Box Disk。Take the following steps to order Data Box Disk.

  1. 在门户的左上角单击“+ 创建资源”,然后搜索“Azure Data Box”。In the upper left corner of the portal, click + Create a resource , and search for Azure Data Box . 单击“Azure Data Box”。Click Azure Data Box .

    搜索“Azure Data Box 1”

  2. 单击“创建”。Click Create .

  3. 检查 Data Box 服务是否在你的区域可用。Check if Data Box service is available in your region. 输入或选择以下信息,然后单击“应用”。Enter or select the following information and click Apply .

    选择 Data Box 磁盘选项

    设置Setting “值”Value
    订阅Subscription 选择已为其启用了 Data Box 服务的订阅。Select the subscription for which Data Box service is enabled.
    该订阅将链接到计费帐户。The subscription is linked to your billing account.
    传输类型Transfer type 导入到 AzureImport to Azure
    源国家/地区Source country/region 选择数据当前所在的国家/地区。Select the country/region where your data currently resides.
    目标 Azure 区域Destination Azure region 选择要在其中传输数据的 Azure 区域。Select the Azure region where you want to transfer data.
  4. 选择“Data Box 磁盘”。Select Data Box Disk . 单次订购的解决方案(包括 5 个磁盘)的最大容量为 35 TB。The maximum capacity of the solution for a single order of 5 disks is 35 TB. 可以创建多个订单,以增加数据大小。You could create multiple orders for larger data sizes.

    选择 Data Box Disk 选项 2

  5. 在“订单”中指定“订单详细信息”。 In Order , specify the Order details . 输入或选择以下信息。Enter or select the following information.

    设置Setting ValueValue
    名称Name 提供友好名称用于跟踪订单。Provide a friendly name to track the order.
    名称可以为 3 到 24 个字符,包括字母、数字和连字符。The name can have between 3 and 24 characters that can be letters, numbers, and hyphens.
    名称必须以字母或数字开头和结尾。The name must start and end with a letter or a number.
    资源组Resource group 使用现有资源组,或创建新的资源组。Use an existing or create a new one.
    资源组是可以统一管理或部署的资源的逻辑容器。A resource group is a logical container for the resources that can be managed or deployed together.
    目标 Azure 区域Destination Azure region 选择存储帐户的区域。Select a region for your storage account.
    估计数据大小(TB)Estimated data size in TB 输入估计值,以 TB 为单位。Enter an estimate in TB.
    根据数据大小,Azure 会寄送适当数量的 8 TB SSD(7 TB 可用容量)。Based on the data size, Azure sends you an appropriate number of 8 TB SSDs (7 TB usable capacity).
    5 个磁盘的最大可用容量高达 35 TB。The maximum usable capacity of 5 disks is up to 35 TB.
    磁盘密钥Disk passkey 如果选中“使用自定义密钥而不是 Azure 生成的密钥”,请提供磁盘密钥。Supply the disk passkey if you check Use custom key instead of Azure generated passkey .
    提供一个 12 到 32 个字符的字母数字密钥,其中至少包含一个数字和一个特殊字符。Provide a 12 to 32-character alphanumeric key that has at least one numeric and one special character. 允许使用的特殊字符是 @?_+The allowed special characters are @?_+.
    可以选择跳过此选项并使用 Azure 生成的密钥来解锁磁盘。You can choose to skip this option and use the Azure generated passkey to unlock your disks.
    存储目标Storage destination 从存储帐户和/或托管磁盘中进行选择。Choose from storage account or managed disks or both.
    根据指定的 Azure 区域,从现有存储帐户的筛选列表中选择一个存储帐户。Based on the specified Azure region, select a storage account from the filtered list of an existing storage account. Data Box Disk 只能与 1 个存储帐户链接。Data Box Disk can be linked with only 1 storage account.
    也可以创建新的 常规用途 v1常规用途 v2Blob 存储帐户You can also create a new General-purpose v1 , General-purpose v2 , or Blob storage account .
    支持使用虚拟网络的存储帐户。Storage accounts with virtual networks are supported. 若要允许 Data Box 服务使用受保护的存储帐户,请在存储帐户网络防火墙设置中启用受信任的服务。To allow Data Box service to work with secured storage accounts, enable the trusted services within the storage account network firewall settings. 有关详细信息,请了解如何将 Azure Data Box 添加为受信任的服务For more information, see how to Add Azure Data Box as a trusted service.

    如果使用存储帐户作为存储目标,则会看到以下屏幕截图:If using storage account as the storage destination, you see the following screenshot:

    存储帐户的 Data Box Disk 订单

    如果使用 Data Box Disk 从本地 VHD 创建托管磁盘,则还需提供以下信息:If using Data Box Disk to create managed disks from the on-premises VHDs, you also need to provide the following information:

    设置Setting ValueValue
    资源组Resource group 若要从本地 VHD 创建托管磁盘,请创建新的资源组。Create a new resource group if you intend to create managed disks from on-premises VHDs. 使用现有资源组的前提是,它是通过 Data Box 服务为托管磁盘的 Data Box Disk 订单创建的。Use an existing resource group only if it was created for Data Box Disk order for managed disk by Data Box service.
    只支持一个资源组。Only one resource group is supported.

    托管磁盘的 Data Box Disk 订单

    为托管磁盘指定的存储帐户用作临时存储帐户。The storage account specified for managed disks is used as a staging storage account. Data Box 服务将 VHD 上传到临时存储帐户,然后将其转换为托管磁盘并转移到资源组。The Data Box service uploads the VHDs to the staging storage account and then converts those into managed disks and moves to the resource groups. 有关详细信息,请参阅验证 Azure 中的数据上传For more information, see Verify data upload to Azure.

  6. 单击“下一步” 。Click Next .


  7. 在“寄送地址”选项卡中,提供你的名字和姓氏、公司的名称和邮政地址,以及有效的电话号码。In the Shipping address tab, provide your first and last name, name and postal address of the company and a valid phone number. 单击“验证地址”。Click Validate address . 服务将验证寄送地址,以确定服务是否在该区域可用。The service validates the shipping address for service availability. 如果服务在指定的寄送地址可用,则会将结果通知给你。If the service is available for the specified shipping address, you receive a notification to that effect.

    处理订单之后,你会收到电子邮件通知。After the order is processed, you will receive an email notification.


  8. 在“通知详细信息”中,指定电子邮件地址。In the Notification details , specify email addresses. 服务会将有关任何订单状态更新的电子邮件通知发送到指定的电子邮件地址。The service sends email notifications regarding any updates to the order status to the specified email addresses.

    我们建议使用组电子邮件,以便在组中的管理员离任后,可以持续收到通知。We recommend that you use a group email so that you continue to receive notifications if an admin in the group leaves.

  9. 查看与订单、联系人、通知和隐私条款相关的信息 摘要Review the information Summary related to the order, contact, notification, and privacy terms. 选中对应于同意隐私条款的复选框。Check the box corresponding to the agreement to privacy terms.

  10. 单击“订购”。Click Order . 创建订单需要几分钟时间。The order takes a few minutes to be created.

跟踪订单Track the order

下单后,可以从 Azure 门户跟踪订单状态。After you have placed the order, you can track the status of the order from Azure portal. 转到自己的订单,然后转到“概况”查看状态。Go to your order and then go to Overview to view the status. 门户中会显示作业处于“已订购”状态。The portal shows the job in Ordered state.

“已订购”Data Box 磁盘状态

如果磁盘缺货,你会收到通知。If the disks are not available, you receive a notification. 如果磁盘有货,Azure 会指定要发货的磁盘,并准备磁盘包装。If the disks are available, Azure identifies the disks for shipment and prepares the disk package. 在磁盘准备期间,会执行以下操作:During disk preparation, following actions occur:

  • 使用 AES-128 BitLocker 加密技术将磁盘加密。Disks are encrypted using AES-128 BitLocker encryption.
  • 锁定磁盘,防止有人未经授权访问磁盘。Disks are locked to prevent an unauthorized access to the disks.
  • 在此过程中,将生成用于解锁磁盘的支持密钥。The passkey that unlocks the disks is generated during this process.

磁盘准备完成后,门户会显示订单处于“已处理”状态。When the disk preparation is complete, the portal shows the order in Processed state.

然后,Azure 会安排区域承运人发运磁盘。Azure then prepares and dispatches your disks via a regional carrier. 磁盘发货后,你会收到跟踪号。You receive a tracking number once the disks are shipped. 门户会显示订单处于“已发运”状态。The portal shows the order in Dispatched state.

取消订单Cancel the order

若要取消此订单,请在 Azure 门户中转到“概览”,然后在命令栏中单击“取消”。 To cancel this order, in the Azure portal, go to Overview and click Cancel from the command bar.

只能在订购磁盘后我们正在处理订单交货时取消订单。You can only cancel when the disks are ordered, and the order is being processed for shipment. 一旦订单已处理,就再也不能取消订单。Once the order is processed, you can no longer cancel the order.


若要删除已取消的订单,请转到“概况”,然后在命令栏中单击“删除”。 To delete a canceled order, go to Overview and click Delete from the command bar.

后续步骤Next steps

本教程介绍了有关 Azure Data Box 的主题,例如:In this tutorial, you learned about Azure Data Box topics such as:

  • 订购 Data Box 磁盘Order Data Box Disk
  • 跟踪订单Track the order
  • 取消订单Cancel the order

请继续学习下一篇教程,了解如何设置 Data Box 磁盘。Advance to the next tutorial to learn how to set up your Data Box Disk.