Azure Data Box Disk 系统要求Azure Data Box Disk system requirements

本文介绍了 Azure Data Box 磁盘解决方案以及连接到 Data Box 磁盘的客户端的重要系统要求。This article describes the important system requirements for your Azure Data Box Disk solution and for the clients connecting to the Data Box Disk. 建议在部署 Data Box 磁盘之前仔细查看信息,然后在部署和后续操作期间根据需要重新参考。We recommend that you review the information carefully before you deploy your Data Box Disk, and then refer back to it as necessary during the deployment and subsequent operation.

系统要求包括连接到磁盘的客户端支持的平台、支持的存储帐户和存储类型。The system requirements include the supported platforms for clients connecting to disks, supported storage accounts, and storage types.

查看先决条件Review prerequisites

  1. 你一定已使用教程:订购 Azure Data Box Disk 订购了 Data Box Disk。You must have ordered your Data Box Disk using the Tutorial: Order your Azure Data Box Disk. 你已收到磁盘,每个磁盘都连接一根电缆。You have received your disks and one connecting cable per disk.

  2. 你有一台可用的客户端计算机,可以从中复制数据。You have a client computer available from which you can copy the data. 客户端计算机必须:Your client computer must:

    • 运行受支持的操作系统。Run a supported operating system.
    • 安装其他必需的软件。Have other required software installed.

客户端支持的操作系统Supported operating systems for clients

下面是通过连接到 Data Box 磁盘的客户端进行磁盘解锁和数据复制操作所支持的操作系统列表。Here is a list of the supported operating systems for the disk unlock and data copy operation via the clients connected to the Data Box Disk.

操作系统Operating system 测试的版本Tested versions
Windows ServerWindows Server 2008 R2 SP12008 R2 SP1
2012 R22012 R2
Windows(64 位)Windows (64-bit) 7, 8, 107, 8, 10
  • UbuntuUbuntu
  • DebianDebian
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
  • CentOSCentOS

  • 14.04、16.04、18.0414.04, 16.04, 18.04
    8.11、98.11, 9
    6.5、6.9、7.0、7.56.5, 6.9, 7.0, 7.5

    Windows 客户端所需的其他软件Other required software for Windows clients

    对于 Windows 客户端,还应安装以下软件。For Windows client, following should also be installed.

    软件Software 版本Version
    Windows PowerShellWindows PowerShell 5.05.0
    .NET Framework.NET Framework
    Windows Management FrameworkWindows Management Framework 5.15.1
    BitLockerBitLocker -

    Linux 客户端所需的其他软件Other required software for Linux clients

    对于 Linux 客户端,Data Box Disk 工具集安装以下必需软件:For Linux client, the Data Box Disk toolset installs the following required software:

    • dislockerdislocker
    • OpenSSLOpenSSL

    支持的连接Supported connection

    包含数据的客户端计算机必须拥有 USB 3.0 或更高版本的端口。The client computer containing the data must have a USB 3.0 or later port. 磁盘使用提供的数据线连接到此客户端。The disks connect to this client using the provided cable.

    支持的存储帐户Supported storage accounts

    下面是 Data Box 磁盘支持的存储类型列表。Here is a list of the supported storage types for the Data Box Disk.

    存储帐户Storage account 说明Notes
    经典Classic StandardStandard
    常规用途General Purpose 标准;同时支持 V1 和 V2。Standard; both V1 and V2 are supported. 同时支持热层和冷层。Both hot and cool tiers are supported.
    Blob 存储帐户Blob storage account

    上传操作支持的存储类型Supported storage types for upload

    下面是使用 Data Box Disk 上传到 Azure 时支持的存储类型的列表。Here is a list of the storage types supported for uploaded to Azure using Data Box Disk.

    文件格式File format 说明Notes
    Azure 块 blobAzure block blob
    Azure 页 blobAzure page blob
    Azure 文件Azure Files
    托管磁盘Managed Disks