使用 Azure 门户管理 Data Box DiskUse Azure portal to administer your Data Box Disk

本文中的教程适用于 Azure Data Box 磁盘预览版。The tutorials in this article apply to the Azure Data Box Disk during Preview. 本文介绍了可对 Data Box 磁盘执行的一些复杂工作流和管理任务。This article describes some of the complex workflows and management tasks that can be performed on the Data Box Disk.

可以通过 Azure 门户管理 Data Box 磁盘。You can manage the Data Box Disk via the Azure portal. 本文重点介绍可以使用 Azure 门户执行的任务。This article focuses on the tasks that you can perform using the Azure portal. 使用 Azure 门户可以管理订单、管理磁盘,以及跟踪订单在从头到尾的处理过程中的状态。Use the Azure portal to manage orders, manage disks, and track the status of the order as it proceeds to the terminal stage.

取消订单Cancel an order

下达订单后,你可能会出于各种原因需要取消订单。You may need to cancel an order for various reasons after you have placed the order. 只能在磁盘准备工作开始之前取消订单。You can only cancel the order before the disk preparation starts. 一旦磁盘已准备好并且订单已处理,就不能取消订单。Once the disks are prepared and order processed, it is not possible to cancel the order.

可以执行以下步骤来取消订单。Perform the following steps to cancel an order.

  1. 转到“概况”>“取消”。Go to Overview > Cancel.


  2. 填写取消订单的原因。Fill out a reason for canceling the order.


  3. 取消订单后,门户会更新订单的状态,并显示订单“已取消”。Once the order is canceled, the portal updates the status of the order and displays it as Canceled.


取消订单时,你不会收到电子邮件通知。You do not receive an email notification when the order is canceled.

克隆订单Clone an order

克隆操作在某些情况下很有用。Cloning is useful in certain situations. 例如,用户已使用 Data Box 磁盘传输了一些数据。For example, a user has used Data Box Disk to transfer some data. 随着生成的数据越来越多,需要使用更多的磁盘将这些数据传输到 Azure。As more data is generated, there is a need for more disks to transfer that data into Azure. 在这种情况下,只需克隆同一份订单即可。In this case, the same order can be just cloned over.

执行以下步骤来克隆订单。Perform the following steps to clone an order.

  1. 转到“概况”>“克隆”。Go to Overview > Clone.


  2. 订单的所有详细信息保持不变。All the details of the order stay the same. 订单名称是原始订单名称后接 -CloneThe order name is the original order name appended by -Clone. 选中表示确认你已查看隐私信息的复选框。Select the checkbox to confirm that you have reviewed the privacy information. 单击“创建”。 Click Create.

几分钟后将会创建克隆的订单,并且门户会更新,以显示新订单。The clone is created in a few minutes and the portal updates to show the new order.

克隆的订单Cloned order

删除订单Delete order

订单处理完成后,你可能想要删除订单。You may want to delete an order when the order is complete. 订单中包含姓名、地址和联系信息等个人信息。The order contains your personal information such as name, address, and contact information. 删除订单会删除这些个人信息。This personal information is deleted when the order is deleted.

只能删除已完成或已取消的订单。You can only delete orders that are completed or canceled. 执行以下步骤删除订单。Perform the following steps to delete an order.

  1. 转到“所有资源”。Go to All resources. 搜索订单。Search for your order.


  2. 单击要删除的订单,并转到“概况”。Click the order you want to delete and go to Overview. 从命令栏中,单击“删除”。From the command bar, click Delete.


  3. 当系统提示确认删除订单时,请输入订单名称。Enter the name of the order when prompted to confirm the order deletion. 单击 “删除”Click Delete.


下载发货标签Download shipping label

如果磁盘随附的退件发货标签错放或丢失,你可能需要下载发货标签。You may need to download the shipping label if the return shipping label shipped with your disks is misplaced or lost.

执行以下步骤下载发货标签。Perform the following steps to download a shipping label.

  1. 转到“概况”>“下载发货标签”。Go to Overview > Download shipping label. 只有在磁盘已发货后,此选项才可用。This option is available only after the disk is shipped.


  2. 这会将下载以下退件发货标签。This downloads the following return shipping label. 保存标签并打印,然后粘贴在退件上。Save the label, print it out, and affix to the return shipment.


编辑寄送地址Edit shipping address

下单后,你可能需要编辑寄送地址。You may need to edit the shipping address once the order is placed. 只能在发运磁盘之前执行此操作。This is only available until the disk is dispatched. 一旦磁盘已发运,此选项就不再可用。Once the disk is dispatched, this option will no longer be available.

执行以下步骤编辑订单。Perform the following steps to edit the order.

  1. 转到“订单详细信息”>“编辑寄送地址”。Go to Order details > Edit shipping address.


  2. 现在可以编辑寄送地址,然后保存更改。You can now edit the shipping address and then save the changes.


编辑通知详细信息Edit notification details

你可能需要更改订单状态电子邮件收件人用户。You may need to change the users whom you want to receive the order status emails. 例如,当磁盘已妥投或提货时,需要告知某个用户。For instance, a user needs to be informed when the disk is delivered or picked up. 完成数据复制时可能需要告知另一个用户,使该用户在从源中删除数据之前,可以验证数据是否在 Azure 存储帐户中。Another user may need to be informed when the data copy is complete so they can verify the data is in the Azure storage account before deleting it from the source. 在这种情况下,可以编辑通知详细信息。In these instances, you can edit the notification details.

执行以下步骤编辑通知详细信息。Perform the following steps to edit notification details.

  1. 转到“订单详细信息”>“编辑通知详细信息”。Go to Order details > Edit notification details.


  2. 现在可以编辑通知详细信息,然后保存更改。You can now edit the notification details and then save the changes.


查看订单状态View order status

订单状态Order status 描述Description
已订购Ordered 已成功下单。Successfully placed an order.
如果磁盘缺货,你会收到通知。If the disks are not available, you receive a notification.
如果磁盘有货,Azure 会指定要发货的磁盘,并准备磁盘包装。If the disks are available, Azure identifies a disk for shipment and prepares the disk package.
已处理Processed 订单处理已完成。Order processing is complete.
在订单处理期间,将执行以下操作:During order processing, following actions occur:
  • 使用 AES-128 BitLocker 加密技术将磁盘加密。Disks are encrypted using AES-128 BitLocker encryption.
  • 锁定 Data Box 磁盘,防止任何未经授权的访问。The Data Box Disk are locked to prevent any unauthorized access.
  • 在此过程中,将生成用于解锁磁盘的支持密钥。The passkey that unlocks the disks is generated during this process.
  • 已发运Dispatched 订单已发货。Order has shipped. 在 1-2 天内应会收到订单。You should receive the order in 1-2 days.
    已交货Delivered 磁盘已交付到订单中指定的地址。Order was delivered to the address specified in the order.
    已提货Picked up 已提取退件。Your return shipment was picked up.
    在 Azure 数据中心收到货物后,会自动将数据上传到 Azure。Once the shipment is received at Azure datacenter, data will be automatically uploaded to Azure.
    ReceivedReceived Azure 数据中心已收到磁盘。Your disks were received at the Azure datacenter. 数据复制即将开始。Data copy will start soon.
    已复制数据Data copied 正在复制数据。Data copy is in progress.
    请等待数据复制完成。Wait until the data copy is complete.
    已完成Completed 已成功完成订单。Successfully completed the order.
    从服务器中删除本地数据之前,请验证数据是否已在 Azure 中。Verify your data is in Azure before you delete the on-premises data from servers.
    已完成但出错Completed with errors 数据复制已完成,但出现错误。Data copy was completed but errors were received.
    使用“概述”中提供的路径查看要上传的错误日志。Review the error logs for upload using the path provided in the Overview. 有关详细信息,请转到下载上传错误日志For more information, go to Download upload error logs.
    已取消Canceled 订单已取消。Order is canceled.
    你取消了订单,或者由于遇到错误,服务取消了订单。Either you canceled the order or an error was encountered and the service canceled the order.

    后续步骤Next steps