Azure HDInsight 中的开放源代码软件支持Open-source software support in Azure HDInsight

Microsoft Azure HDInsight 服务使用围绕 Apache Hadoop 构建的开源技术环境。The Microsoft Azure HDInsight service uses an environment of open-source technologies formed around Apache Hadoop. Microsoft Azure 为开源技术提供常规级别的支持。Microsoft Azure provides a general level of support for open-source technologies. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Azure 支持常见问题解答的“支持范围”部分。For more information, see the Support Scope section of Azure Support FAQs. HDInsight 服务为内置组件提供附加的支持级别。The HDInsight service provides an additional level of support for built-in components.


在 HDInsight 服务中可以使用两种类型的开源组件:Two types of open-source components are available in the HDInsight service:

内置组件Built-in components

这些组件预先安装在 HDInsight 群集上,并提供在群集的核心功能。These components are preinstalled on HDInsight clusters and provide core functionality of the cluster. 以下组件属于此类别:The following components belong to this category:

在 HDInsight 中可以使用哪些 Apache Hadoop 组件和版本?中提供了群集组件的完整列表。A full list of cluster components is available in What are the Apache Hadoop components and versions available with HDInsight?

自定义组件Custom components

群集用户可以安装或者在工作负荷中使用由社区提供的或自己创建的任何组件。As a user of the cluster, you can install or use in your workload any component available in the community or created by you.


完全支持通过 HDInsight 群集提供的组件。Components provided with the HDInsight cluster are fully supported. Microsoft 支持部门可帮助找出并解决与这些组件相关的问题。Microsoft Support helps to isolate and resolve issues related to these components.

自定义组件可获得合理范围的支持,以帮助进一步排查问题。Custom components receive commercially reasonable support to help you further troubleshoot the issue. Microsoft 支持部门也许能够解决问题。Microsoft Support might be able to resolve the issue. 支持人员可能要求你参与可用的开源技术渠道,在该处可以找到该技术的深入专业知识。Or they might ask you to engage available channels for the open-source technologies where deep expertise for that technology is found. 可以使用许多社区站点,Many community sites can be used. 示例包括有关 HDInsight 的 Microsoft 问答页堆栈溢出Examples are Microsoft Q&A question page for HDInsight and Stack Overflow.

Apache 项目还在 Apache 网站上提供了项目站点,Apache projects also have project sites on the Apache website. 例如 HadoopAn example is Hadoop.

组件使用情况Component usage

HDInsight 服务提供多种方式来使用自定义组件。The HDInsight service provides several ways to use custom components. 不论在群集上使用组件或安装组件的方式为何,均适用相同级别的支持。The same level of support applies, no matter how a component is used or installed on the cluster. 下表介绍 HDInsight 群集上最常见的自定义组件用法:The following table describes the most common ways that custom components are used on HDInsight clusters:

使用情况Usage 说明Description
作业提交Job submission Hadoop 或其他类型的作业可以提交到执行或使用自定义组件的群集。Hadoop or other types of jobs that execute or use custom components can be submitted to the cluster.
群集自定义Cluster customization 在群集创建期间,可以指定其他设置和安装在群集节点上的自定义组件。During cluster creation, you can specify additional settings and custom components that are installed on the cluster nodes.
示例Samples 对于常见的自定义组件,Microsoft 和其他人可能会提供演示如何在 HDInsight 群集上使用这些组件的示例。For popular custom components, Microsoft and others might provide samples of how these components can be used on HDInsight clusters. 我们不针对这些示例提供支持。These samples are provided without support.

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