Office 应用:配置客户端,以使用 Azure 权限管理服务Office apps: Configuration for clients to use the Azure Rights Management service

适用范围:Azure 信息保护Office 365*Applies to: Azure Information Protection, Office 365*

相关内容:AIP 统一标记客户端和经典客户端Relevant for: AIP unified labeling client and classic client*

使用此信息确定需要执行的操作,使 Office 应用可与 Azure 信息保护中的 Azure 权限保护服务配合使用。Use this information to determine what you need to do so that Office apps work with the Azure Rights Management service from Azure Information Protection.

Office 365 应用、Office 2019、Office 2016 和 Office 2013Office 365 apps, Office 2019, Office 2016, and Office 2013

由于这些更高版本的 Office 内置了对 Azure Rights Management 服务的支持,因此无需客户端计算机配置即可支持各个应用程序(例如 Word、Excel、PowerPoint、Outlook 和 Outlook 网页版)的信息权限管理 (IRM) 功能。Because these later versions of Office provide built-in support for the Azure Rights Management service, no client computer configuration is required to support the information rights management (IRM) features for applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Outlook on the web.

所有用户必须为 Windows 上的这些应用做的操作是使用其 Microsoft 365 凭据登录其 Office 应用程序。All users have to do for these apps on Windows, is sign in to their Office applications with their Microsoft 365 credentials. 然后,他们才能保护文件和电子邮件,以及使用受其他人保护的文件和电子邮件。They can then can protect files and emails, and use files and emails that have been protected by others.

Office for Mac 的用户说明User instructions for Office for Mac

具有 Office for Mac 的用户必须先验证其凭据,然后才能保护内容。Users who have Office for Mac must first verify their credentials before they can protect content. 例如:For example:

  1. 打开 Outlook 并使用 Microsoft 365 工作或学校帐户创建配置文件。Open Outlook and create a profile by using your Microsoft 365 work or school account.

  2. 创建新消息,并在“选项”选项卡上选择“权限”,然后选择“验证凭据” 。Create a new message and on the Options tab, select Permissions, and then select Verify Credentials. 出现提示时,请再次指定 Microsoft 365 工作或学校帐户详细信息,然后选择“登录”。When prompted, specify your Microsoft 365 work or school account details again, and select Sign in.

    此操作将下载 Azure Rights Management 模板,“验证凭据”选项将替换为包括“无限制”、“不要转发”以及为租户发布的任何 Azure Rights Management 模板的选项 。This action downloads the Azure Rights Management templates and Verify Credentials is now replaced with options that include No Restrictions, Do Not Forward, and any Azure Rights Management templates that are published for your tenant.

  3. 现在可以取消此新邮件。You can now cancel this new message.

  4. 保护电子邮件或文档:在“选项”选项卡上,选择“权限”,然后选择用于保护电子邮件或文档的选项或模板 。To protect an email message or a document: On the Options tab, select Permissions and choose an option or template that protects your email or document.

Office 2010Office 2010

对于要将 Azure Rights Management 服务与 Office 2010 结合使用的客户端计算机,它们必须具有 Azure 信息保护客户端。For client computers to use the Azure Rights Management service with Office 2010, they must have the Azure Information Protection client. 用户必须使用其 Microsoft 365 凭据登录,然后才能保护文件并使用受其他用户保护的文件,此外不再需要更多配置。No further configuration is required other than users must sign in with their Microsoft 365 credentials and they can then protect files and use files that have been protected by others.

有关详细信息,请参阅 Azure 信息保护客户端:安装和配置客户端For more information, see Azure Information Protection client: Installation and configuration for clients.