Azure Data Science Virtual Machine 发行说明Azure Data Science Virtual Machine release notes

本文介绍 Azure Data Science Virtual Machine 的发布。In this article, learn about Azure Data Science Virtual Machine releases. 如需获取随附工具的完整列表以及版本号,请查看此页面For a full list of tools included, along with version numbers, check out this page.

如需了解已知 bug 和解决方法,请参阅已知问题列表See the list of known issues to learn about known bugs and workarounds.


现在提供 Ubuntu 18.04Windows 2019 映像的 Data Science Virtual Machine 映像。Data Science Virtual Machine images for Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 2019 images are now available.


Windows DSVM 上的软件更新Updates to software on the Windows DSVM

  • Azure 存储资源管理器 1.10.1Azure Storage Explorer 1.10.1
  • Power BI Desktop 2.73.55xxPower BI Desktop 2.73.55xx
  • Firefox 69.0.2Firefox 69.0.2
  • PyCharm 19.2.3PyCharm 19.2.3
  • RStudio 1.2.50xxRStudio 1.2.50xx

Windows 的默认浏览器已更新Default Browser for Windows updated

默认浏览器在之前设置为 Internet Explorer。Earlier, the default browser was set to Internet Explorer. 用户在初次登录时会提示选择默认浏览器。Users are now prompted to choose a default browser when they first log in.