Azure Database for PostgreSQL - 已知问题和限制Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Known issues and limitations

此页提供 Azure Database for PostgreSQL 中可能影响应用程序的已知问题列表。This page provides a list of known issues in Azure Database for PostgreSQL that could impact your application. 它还列出了规避此问题的所有缓解措施和建议。It also lists any mitigation and recommendations to workaround the issue.

智能性能 - 查询存储Intelligent Performance - Query Store

适用Applicable 原因Cause 补救Remediation
PostgreSQL 9.6、10、11PostgreSQL 9.6, 10, 11 在某些罕见的情况下,打开服务器参数 pg_qs.replace_parameter_placeholders 可能会导致服务器关闭。Turning on the server parameter pg_qs.replace_parameter_placeholders might lead to a server shutdown in some rare scenarios. 通过 Azure 门户的“服务器参数”部分,将参数 pg_qs.replace_parameter_placeholders 值切换为 OFF 并保存。Through Azure Portal, Server Parameters section, turn the parameter pg_qs.replace_parameter_placeholders value to OFF and save.

服务器参数Server Parameters

适用Applicable 原因Cause 补救Remediation
PostgreSQL 9.6、10、11PostgreSQL 9.6, 10, 11 将服务器参数 max_locks_per_transaction 更改为比建议值更高的值可能会导致服务器在重启后无法启动。Changing the server parameter max_locks_per_transaction to a higher value than what is recommended could lead to server unable to come up after a restart. 将其保留为默认值(32 或 64),或按照 PostgreSQL 文档中的说明更改为合理的值。Leave it to the default value (32 or 64) or change to a reasonable value per PostgreSQL documentation.

从服务端来看,这是为了根据 SKU 限制较高的值。From the service side, this is being worked on to limit the high value based on the SKU.

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