Threat Modeling Tool 发行版Threat Modeling Tool Releases

Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool 目前作为免费的单击下载 Windows 应用程序发布。The Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool is currently released as a free click-to-download application for Windows. 此交付机制使我们能够在客户每次打开该工具时向他们推送最新的改进和 bug 修复。This delivery mechanism allows us to push the latest improvements and bug fixes to customers each time they open the tool.

系统要求System Requirements

  • 支持的操作系统Supported Operating Systems
    • Microsoft Windows 10 周年更新或更高版本Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update or later
  • 所需的 .NET 版本.NET Version Required
    • .NET 4.7.1 或更高版本.NET 4.7.1 or later
  • 其他要求Additional Requirements
    • 需要建立 Internet 连接才能接收工具和模板的更新。An Internet connection is required to receive updates to the tool and templates.

发行说明Release Notes

后续步骤Next steps

下载最新版本的 Microsoft Threat Modeling ToolDownload the latest version of the Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool.