Azure 安全最佳实践和模式Azure security best practices and patterns

下列文章介绍了在通过 Azure 设计、部署和管理云解决方案时可以使用的安全最佳做法。The articles below contain security best practices to use when you're designing, deploying, and managing your cloud solutions by using Azure. 这些最佳做法来自我们在 Azure 安全性方面的经验以及客户的经验。These best practices come from our experience with Azure security and the experiences of customers like you.

这些最佳做法是为 IT 专业人员准备的资源。The best practices are intended to be a resource for IT pros. 这可能包括构建和部署安全的 Azure 解决方案的设计人员、架构师、开发者和测试人员。This might include designers, architects, developers, and testers who build and deploy secure Azure solutions.

白皮书“适用于 Azure 解决方案的最佳做法”是上面列出的文章中介绍的安全最佳做法的集合。The white paper Security best practices for Azure solutions is a collection of the security best practices found in the articles listed above.

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