Azure 存储资源提供程序的可伸缩性和性能目标Scalability and performance targets for the Azure Storage resource provider

本参考详细介绍了 Azure 存储的可伸缩性和性能目标。This reference details scalability and performance targets for Azure Storage. 以下所列的可伸缩性和性能目标为高端目标,但却是能够实现的。The scalability and performance targets listed here are high-end targets, but are achievable. 在任何情况下,存储帐户实现的请求速率和带宽取决于存储对象大小、使用的访问模式、应用程序执行的工作负荷类型。In all cases, the request rate and bandwidth achieved by your storage account depends upon the size of objects stored, the access patterns utilized, and the type of workload your application performs.

请务必测试服务,确定其性能是否达到要求。Make sure to test your service to determine whether its performance meets your requirements. 如果可能,应避免流量速率突发峰值,并确保流量在各个分区上均匀分布。If possible, avoid sudden spikes in the rate of traffic and ensure that traffic is well-distributed across partitions.

当应用程序达到分区能够处理的工作负荷极限时,Azure 存储将开始返回错误代码 503(服务器忙)或错误代码 500(操作超时)响应。When your application reaches the limit of what a partition can handle for your workload, Azure Storage begins to return error code 503 (Server Busy) or error code 500 (Operation Timeout) responses. 如果发生 503 错误,请考虑修改应用程序以使用指数退避策略进行重试。If 503 errors are occurring, consider modifying your application to use an exponential backoff policy for retries. 使用指数退让策略,可以减少分区上的负载,缓解该分区的流量高峰。The exponential backoff allows the load on the partition to decrease, and to ease out spikes in traffic to that partition.

资源提供程序的缩放目标Scale targets for the resource provider

仅当使用 Azure 资源管理器对 Azure 存储执行管理操作时,以下限制才适用。The following limits apply only when you perform management operations by using Azure Resource Manager with Azure Storage.

资源Resource 限制Limit
存储帐户管理操作数(读取)Storage account management operations (read) 每 5 分钟 800 次800 per 5 minutes
存储帐户管理操作数(写入)Storage account management operations (write) 每秒 10 次/每小时 1200 次10 per second / 1200 per hour
存储帐户管理操作数(列出)Storage account management operations (list) 每 5 分钟 100 次100 per 5 minutes

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