Azure 流分析作业状态Azure Stream Analytics job states

在任何给定时间,流分析作业可以是四种状态之一:正在运行、已停止、已降级或失败。A Stream Analytics job could be in one of four states at any given time: running, stopped, degraded, or failed. 可以在 Azure 门户的流分析作业的“概览”页上找到作业的状态。You can find the state of your job on your Stream Analytics job's Overview page in the Azure portal.

状态State 说明Description 建议的操作Recommended actions
正在运行Running 作业在来自已定义输入源的 Azure 读取事件上运行,对其进行处理并将结果写入配置的输出接收器。Your job is running on Azure reading events coming from the defined input sources, processing them and writing the results to the configured output sinks. 最佳做法是通过监视关键指标来跟踪作业的性能。It is a best practice to track your job’s performance by monitoring key metrics.
已停止Stopped 作业已停止,不处理事件。Your job is stopped and does not process events. 不可用NA
已降级Degraded 输入和输出连接可能存在间歇性问题。There might be intermittent issues with your input and output connections. 这些错误称为暂时性错误,可能会使作业进入“已降级”状态。These errors are called transient errors which might make your job enter a Degraded state. 流分析会立即尝试从此类错误恢复,然后回到“正在运行”状态(在数分钟内)。Stream Analytics will immediately try to recover from such errors and return to a Running state (within few minutes). 之所以发生这些错误,可能是因为网络问题、其他 Azure 资源的可用性问题、反序列化错误,等等。当作业处于降级状态时,其性能可能受影响。These errors could happen due to network issues, availability of other Azure resources, deserialization errors etc. Your job’s performance may be impacted when job is in degraded state. 可以查看诊断或活动日志,详细了解这些暂时性错误的原因。You can look at the diagnostic or activity logs to learn more about the cause of these transient errors. 如果发生此类反序列化错误,建议采取纠正措施,确保不会导致事件异常。In cases such as deserialization errors, it is recommended to take corrective action to ensure events aren't malformed. 如果作业总是达到资源使用率限制,可尝试提高 SU 数或将作业并行化If the job keeps reaching the resource utilization limit, try to increase the SU number or parallelize your job. 在其他情况下,如果你无法采取任何措施,流分析会尝试恢复到“正在运行”状态。**In other cases where you cannot take any action, Stream Analytics will try to recover to a Running state.
可以使用水印延迟指标来了解这些暂时性错误是否会影响作业的性能。You can use watermark delay metric to understand if these transient errors are impacting your job's performance.
失败****Failed 作业遇到严重错误,导致状态变为“失败”。Your job encountered a critical error resulting in a failed state. 事件无法读取和处理。Events aren't read and processed. 作业最终处于失败状态的常见原因是运行时错误。Runtime errors are a common cause for jobs ending up in a failed state. 可以配置警报,这样当作业进入“失败”状态时,系统会通知你。You can configure alerts so that you get notified when job goes to Failed state.

可以使用活动和资源日志进行调试,以便确定根本原因并解决问题。You can debug using activity and resource logs to identify root cause and address the issue.

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