Visual Studio 2019 入门Getting started with Visual Studio 2019

Visual Studio 2019 SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) 是一个工具,可用于执行以下操作:Visual Studio 2019 SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) is a single tool allowing you to do the following:

  • 连接、查询和开发应用程序Connect, query, and develop applications
  • 利用对象资源管理器直观地浏览数据模型中的所有对象,包括表、视图、存储过程等。Leverage an object explorer to visually explore all objects in your data model including tables, views, stored procedures, and etc.
  • 为对象生成 T-SQL 数据定义语言 (DDL) 脚本Generate T-SQL data definition language (DDL) scripts for your objects
  • 对 SSDT 数据库项目使用基于状态的方法来开发数据仓库Develop your data warehouse using a state-based approach with SSDT Database Projects
  • 将数据库项目与源代码管理系统(例如 Git 和 Azure Repos)集成Integrate your database project with source control systems such as Git with Azure Repos
  • 通过自动化服务器(如 Azure DevOps)设置持续集成和部署管道Set up continuous integration and deployment pipelines with automation servers such as Azure DevOps

安装 Visual Studio 2019Install Visual Studio 2019

请参阅 下载 Visual Studio 2019 以下载并安装 Visual Studio 16.3 及更高版本See Download Visual Studio 2019 to download and install Visual Studio 16.3 and above. 在安装过程中,选择“数据存储和处理”工作负载。During install, select the data storage and processing workload. Visual Studio 2019 不再需要单独安装 SSDT。Standalone SSDT installation is no longer required in Visual Studio 2019.

SSDT 中不支持的功能Unsupported features in SSDT

有时,Synapse SQL 的功能版可能不包括对 SSDT 的支持。There are times when feature releases for Synapse SQL may not include support for SSDT. 目前不支持以下功能:The following features are currently unsupported:

后续步骤Next steps

安装最新版本的 SSDT 后,便可以连接到 SQL 池。Now that you have the latest version of SSDT, you're ready to connect to your SQL pool.