Azure Synapse Analytics 中专用 SQL 池的 T-SQL 语言元素T-SQL language elements for dedicated SQL pool in Azure Synapse Analytics

专用 SQL 池支持的 T-SQL 语言元素的相关文档的链接。Links to the documentation for T-SQL language elements supported in dedicated SQL pool.

核心元素Core elements

批、流控制和变量Batches, control-of-flow, and variables


要匹配的通配符Wildcard character(s) to match

位运算符Bitwise operators



诊断会话Diagnostic sessions


SET 语句SET statements

后续步骤Next steps

有关更多参考信息,请参阅专用 SQL 池中的 T-SQL 语句专用 SQL 池中的系统视图For more reference information, see T-SQL statements in dedicated SQL pool, and System views in dedicated SQL pool.