Azure 中虚拟机的备份和还原选项Backup and restore options for virtual machines in Azure

可以通过定期创建备份来保护数据。You can protect your data by taking backups at regular intervals. 有多个备份选项可用于 VM,具体取决于使用案例。There are several backup options available for VMs, depending on your use-case.

Azure 备份Azure Backup

若要备份运行生产工作负荷的 Azure VM,请使用 Azure 备份。For backing up Azure VMs running production workloads, use Azure Backup. Azure 备份对 Windows 和 Linux VM 均支持应用程序一致性备份。Azure Backup supports application-consistent backups for both Windows and Linux VMs. Azure 备份可创建恢复点,这些恢复点存储在异地冗余的恢复保管库中。Azure Backup creates recovery points that are stored in geo-redundant recovery vaults. 从恢复点还原时,可以还原整个 VM,也可以仅还原特定的文件。When you restore from a recovery point, you can restore the whole VM or just specific files.

有关适用于 Azure VM 的 Azure 备份动手实践简介,请参阅 Azure 备份快速入门For a simple, hands-on introduction to Azure Backup for Azure VMs, see the Azure Backup quickstart.

有关 Azure 备份工作原理的详细信息,请参阅在 Azure 中计划 VM 备份基础结构For more information on how Azure Backup works, see Plan your VM backup infrastructure in Azure

Azure Site RecoveryAzure Site Recovery

当整个区域因重大自然灾难或大规模服务中断而发生中断时,Azure Site Recovery 可以保护 VM,使其免受重大灾难影响。Azure Site Recovery protects your VMs from a major disaster scenario, when a whole region experiences an outage due to major natural disaster or widespread service interruption. 可以为 VM 配置 Azure Site Recovery,只需单击一下,几分钟内即可恢复应用程序。You can configure Azure Site Recovery for your VMs so that you can recover your application with a single click in matter of minutes. 可复制到所选的 Azure 区域(并不局限于配对区域)。You can replicate to an Azure region of your choice, it is not restricted to paired regions.

可以通过按需测试故障转移进行灾难恢复演练,而不影响生产工作负荷或正在进行的复制。You can run disaster-recovery drills with on-demand test failovers, without affecting your production workloads or ongoing replication. 创建恢复计划,为多个 VM 上运行的整个应用程序安排故障转移和故障回复。Create recovery plans to orchestrate failover and failback of the entire application running on multiple VMs. 恢复计划功能将与 Azure 自动化 Runbook 集成。The recovery plan feature is integrated with Azure automation runbooks.

可以通过复制虚拟机来启动。You can get started by replicating your virtual machines.

托管快照Managed snapshots

在开发和测试环境中,快照为使用托管磁盘的 VM 备份提供快速而又简单的选项。In development and test environments, snapshots provide a quick and simple option for backing up VMs that use Managed Disks. 托管快照是托管磁盘的只读完整副本。A managed snapshot is a read-only full copy of a managed disk. 快照独立于源磁盘而存在,并可用来新建用于重建 VM 的托管磁盘。Snapshots exist independent of the source disk and can be used to create new managed disks for rebuilding a VM. 基于磁盘的已使用部分对快照进行计费。They are billed based on the used portion of the disk. 例如,如果创建预配容量为 64 GB、实际使用数据大小为 10 GB 的托管磁盘的快照,将仅针对已用数据大小 10 GB 对该快照进行计费。For example, if you create a snapshot of a managed disk with provisioned capacity of 64 GB and actual used data size of 10 GB, snapshot will be billed only for the used data size of 10 GB.

有关创建快照的详细信息,请参阅:For more information on creating snapshots, see:

后续步骤Next steps

可以按照 Azure 备份快速入门来试用 Azure 备份。You can try out Azure Backup by following the Azure Backup quickstart.