Azure Monitor 监视哪些内容?What is monitored by Azure Monitor?

本文介绍了由 Azure Monitor 监视的不同应用程序和服务。This article describes the different applications and services that are monitored by Azure Monitor.

见解和核心解决方案Insights and core solutions

核心见解和解决方案被视为 Azure Monitor 的一部分,并遵循 Azure 的支持和服务级别协议。Core insights and solutions are considered part of Azure Monitor and follow the support and service level agreements for Azure. 它们在可使用 Azure Monitor 的所有 Azure 区域中均受支持。They are supported in all Azure regions where Azure Monitor is available.


见解为特定的应用程序和服务提供自定义监视体验。Insights provide a customized monitoring experience for particular applications and services. 它们收集和分析日志和指标。They collect and analyze both logs and metrics.

见解Insight 说明Description
Application InsightsApplication Insights 可扩展应用程序性能管理 (APM) 服务,用于监视任何平台上的实时 web 应用程序。Extensible Application Performance Management (APM) service to monitor your live web application on any platform.
用于容器的 Azure MonitorAzure Monitor for Containers 监视部署到 Azure 容器实例或 Azure Kubernetes 服务 (AKS) 上托管的托管 Kubernetes 群集的容器工作负荷的性能。Monitors the performance of container workloads deployed to either Azure Container Instances or managed Kubernetes clusters hosted on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).
用于 Cosmos DB 的 Azure MonitorAzure Monitor for Cosmos DB 提供了关于所有 Azure Cosmos DB 资源的整体性能、故障、容量和运行状况的统一交互式体验视图。Provides a view of the overall performance, failures, capacity, and operational health of all your Azure Cosmos DB resources in a unified interactive experience.
用于网络的 Azure Monitor(预览版)Azure Monitor for Networks (preview) 提供所有网络资源的运行状况和指标的综合视图。Provides a comprehensive view of health and metrics for all your network resource. 高级搜索功能通过便捷搜索网站名称,帮助你识别资源依赖关系,从而能够支持多种方案,比如识别用于托管网站的资源等。The advanced search capability helps you identify resource dependencies, enabling scenarios like identifying resource that are hosting your website, by simply searching for your website name.
用于资源组的 Azure Monitor(预览版)Azure Monitor for Resource Groups (preview) 分类和诊断各资源出现的任何问题,同时提供有关资源组的运行状况和性能的整体上下文。Triage and diagnose any problems your individual resources encounter, while offering context as to the health and performance of the resource group as a whole.
用于存储的 Azure MonitorAzure Monitor for Storage 通过提供 Azure 存储服务性能、容量和可用性的统一视图,提供对 Azure 存储帐户的全面监视。Provides comprehensive monitoring of your Azure Storage accounts by delivering a unified view of your Azure Storage services performance, capacity, and availability.
Key Vault 的 Azure Monitor(预览版)Azure Monitor for Key Vault (preview) 提供 Key Vault 请求、性能、失败和延迟的统一视图,在其中可以全面监视密钥保管库。Provides comprehensive monitoring of your key vaults by delivering a unified view of your Key Vault requests, performance, failures, and latency.
适用于 Azure Cache for Redis 的 Azure Monitor(预览版)Azure Monitor for Azure Cache for Redis (preview) 提供有关整体性能、故障、容量和运行状况的统一交互式视图。Provides a unified, interactive view of overall performance, failures, capacity, and operational health.

Azure 服务Azure services

下表列出了 Azure 服务及其收集到 Azure Monitor 中的数据。The following table lists Azure services and the data they collect into Azure Monitor.

  • 指标 - 服务自动将指标收集到 Azure Monitor 指标中。Metrics - The service automatically collects metrics into Azure Monitor Metrics.
  • 日志 - 该服务支持诊断设置,可将平台日志和指标收集到 Azure Monitor 日志。Logs - The service supports diagnostic settings which can collect platform logs and metrics to Azure Monitor Logs.
  • 见解 - 有一个可用于服务的见解,它为服务提供自定义的监视体验。Insight - There is an insight available for the service which provides a customized monitoring experience for the service.
服务Service 指标Metrics 日志Logs 见解Insight 说明Notes
Active DirectoryActive Directory No Yes Yes
Active Directory B2CActive Directory B2C No No No
Active Directory 域服务Active Directory Domain Services No Yes No
活动日志Activity log No Yes No
高级威胁防护Advanced Threat Protection No No No
顾问Advisor No No No
AI BuilderAI Builder No No No
Analysis ServicesAnalysis Services Yes Yes No
API 管理API Management Yes Yes No
应用服务App Service Yes Yes No
AppConfigAppConfig No No No
应用程序网关Application Gateway Yes Yes No
证明服务Attestation Service No No No
自动化Automation Yes Yes No
Azure 服务管理器 (RDFE)Azure Service Manager (RDFE) No No No
备份Backup No Yes No
BastionBastion No No No
BatchBatch Yes Yes No
云服务Cloud Services Yes Yes No 监视来宾操作系统和工作流时所需的代理。Agent required to monitor guest operating system and workflows.
认知服务Cognitive Services Yes Yes No
容器实例Container Instances Yes No No
容器注册表Container Registry Yes Yes No
内容分发网络 (CDN)Content Delivery Network (CDN) No Yes No
Cosmos DBCosmos DB Yes Yes Yes
成本管理Cost Management No No No
Data BoxData Box No No No
数据目录 Gen2Data Catalog Gen2 No No No
数据资源管理器Data Explorer Yes Yes No
数据工厂Data Factory Yes Yes No
数据工厂 v2Data Factory v2 No Yes No
数据共享Data Share No No No
Database for MariaDBDatabase for MariaDB Yes Yes No
Database for MySQLDatabase for MySQL Yes Yes No
Database for PostgreSQLDatabase for PostgreSQL Yes Yes No
数据库迁移服务Database Migration Service No No No
DatabricksDatabricks No Yes No
域名Domain names No No No
Dynamics 365 Customer EngagementDynamics 365 Customer Engagement No No No
Dynamics 365 Finance and OperationsDynamics 365 Finance and Operations No No No
事件网格Event Grid Yes No No
事件中心Event Hubs Yes Yes No
ExpressRouteExpressRoute Yes Yes No
防火墙Firewall Yes Yes No
Front DoorFront Door Yes Yes No
函数Functions Yes Yes No
HDInsightHDInsight No Yes No
HPC 缓存HPC Cache No No No
信息保护Information Protection No Yes No
IntuneIntune No Yes No
IoT CentralIoT Central No No No
IoT 中心IoT Hub Yes Yes No
Key VaultKey Vault Yes Yes Yes
Kubernetes 服务 (AKS)Kubernetes Service (AKS) No No Yes
负载均衡器Load Balancer Yes No No
逻辑应用Logic Apps Yes Yes No
机器学习服务Machine Learning Service No No No
托管应用程序Managed Applications No No No
地图Maps No No No
媒体服务Media Services Yes Yes No
Microsoft 托管桌面Microsoft Managed Desktop No No No
Microsoft PowerAppsMicrosoft PowerApps No No No
Microsoft 社交参与Microsoft Social Engagement No No No
Microsoft StreamMicrosoft Stream Yes Yes No
迁移Migrate No No No
多重身份验证Multi-Factor Authentication No Yes No
网络观察程序Network Watcher Yes Yes No
通知中心Notification Hubs Yes No No
开放数据集Open Datasets No No No
策略Policy No No No
Power AutomatePower Automate No No No
Power BI EmbeddedPower BI Embedded Yes Yes No
专用链接Private Link No No No
项目假脱机通信平台Project Spool Communication Platform No No No
Red Hat OpenShiftRed Hat OpenShift No No No
Redis 缓存Redis Cache Yes Yes Yes
Resource GraphResource Graph No No No
资源管理器Resource Manager No No No
零售搜索 - 通过必应Retail Search - by Bing No No No
搜索Search Yes Yes No
服务总线Service Bus Yes Yes No
Service FabricService Fabric No Yes No 监视来宾操作系统和工作流时所需的代理。Agent required to monitor guest operating system and workflows.
注册门户Signup Portal No No No
Site RecoverySite Recovery No Yes No
Spring Cloud 服务Spring Cloud Service No No No
Azure Synapse AnalyticsAzure Synapse Analytics Yes Yes No
SQL 数据库SQL Database Yes Yes No
SQL Server Stretch DatabaseSQL Server Stretch Database Yes Yes No
堆栈Stack No No No
存储Storage Yes No Yes
存储缓存Storage Cache No No No
存储同步服务Storage Sync Services No No No
流分析Stream Analytics Yes Yes No
时序见解Time Series Insights Yes Yes No
流量管理器Traffic Manager Yes Yes No
通用打印Universal Print No No No
虚拟网络Virtual Network Yes Yes Yes
虚拟网络 - NSG 流日志Virtual Network - NSG Flow Logs No Yes No
VPN 网关VPN Gateway Yes Yes No
Windows 虚拟桌面Windows Virtual Desktop No No No

产品集成Product integrations

下表中的服务和解决方案将其数据存储在 Log Analytics 工作区中,以便可以将这些数据与使用 Azure Monitor 收集的其他日志数据一起进行分析。The services and solutions in the following table store their data in a Log Analytics workspace so that it can be analyzed with other log data collected by Azure Monitor.

产品/服务Product/Service 说明Description
Azure 自动化Azure Automation 更新管理Update Management.
Azure 安全中心Azure Security Center 收集和分析安全事件并执行威胁分析。Collect and analyze security events and perform threat analysis. 请参阅 Azure 安全中心中的数据收集See Data collection in Azure Security Center
Microsoft IntuneMicrosoft Intune 创建诊断设置以将日志发送到 Azure Monitor。Create a diagnostic setting to send logs to Azure Monitor. 请参阅将日志数据发送到 Intune 中的存储、事件中心或日志分析(预览版)See Send log data to storage, event hubs, or log analytics in Intune (preview).
网络Network 网络性能监视器 - 监视与服务和应用程序终结点的网络连接和其性能。Network Performance Monitor - Monitor network connectivity and performance to service and application endpoints.
流量分析 - 可以分析网络观察程序网络安全组 (NSG) 流日志,帮助洞察 Azure 云中的流量流。Traffic Analytics - Analyzes Network Watcher network security group (NSG) flow logs to provide insights into traffic flow in your Azure cloud.
Microsoft 团队聊天室Microsoft Teams Rooms Microsoft 团队聊天室设备的集成、端到端管理。Integrated, end-to-end management of Microsoft Teams Rooms devices.
Visual Studio App CenterVisual Studio App Center 构建、测试和分发应用程序,然后监视它们的状态和使用情况。Build, test, and distribute applications and then monitor their status and usage. 请参阅开始使用 App Center 和 Application Insights 分析移动应用See Start analyzing your mobile app with App Center and Application Insights.
WindowsWindows Windows 更新符合性 - 评估 Windows 桌面升级。Windows Update Compliance - Assess your Windows desktop upgrades.
桌面分析 - 与配置管理器集成,提供见解和情报,帮助你制定关于 Windows 客户端更新就绪性的更明智决策。Desktop Analytics - Integrates with Configuration Manager to provide insight and intelligence to make more informed decisions about the update readiness of your Windows clients.

其他解决方案Other solutions

有可用于监视其他应用程序和服务的其他解决方案,但当前没有相关开发处于活动状态,并且不一定能所有区域中使用。Other solutions are available for monitoring different applications and services, but active development has stopped and they may not be available in all regions. Azure Log Analytics 数据引入服务级别协议中涵盖了这些解决方案。They are covered by the Azure Log Analytics data ingestion service level agreement.

解决方案Solution 说明Description
活动日志分析Activity log analytics 查看活动日志条目。View Activity Log entries.
容器Containers 查看和管理 Docker 和 Windows 容器主机。View and manage Docker and Windows container hosts.
按需评估On-Demand Assessments 评估和优化本地、混合和云 Microsoft 技术环境的可用性、安全性和性能。Assess and optimize the availability, security, and performance of your on-premises, hybrid, and cloud Microsoft technology environments.

Azure 以外的资源Resources outside of Azure

Azure Monitor 可以使用下表中列出的方法从 Azure 以外的资源收集数据。Azure Monitor can collect data from resources outside of Azure using the methods listed in the following table.

资源Resource 方法Method
应用程序Applications 使用 Application Insights 监视 Azure 以外的 web 应用程序。Monitor web applications outside of Azure using Application Insights. 请参阅什么是 Application Insights?See What is Application Insights?.
虚拟机Virtual machines 使用代理从其他云环境中的或本地的虚拟机的来宾操作系统收集数据。Use agents to collect data from the guest operating system of virtual machines in other cloud environments or on-premises. 请参阅 Azure Monitor 代理概述See Overview of Azure Monitor agents.
REST API 客户端REST API Client 可使用单独的 API 将数据从任何 REST API 客户端写入 Azure Monitor 日志和指标。Separate APIs are available to write data to Azure Monitor Logs and Metrics from any REST API client. 请参阅使用 HTTP 数据收集器 API 将日志数据发送到 Azure Monitor 以获取日志。See Send log data to Azure Monitor with the HTTP Data Collector API for Logs.

后续步骤Next steps