SQL Analytics 的 SQL 参考SQL reference for SQL Analytics

这是 Azure Databricks SQL Analytics 的 SQL 命令参考。This is a SQL command reference for Azure Databricks SQL Analytics.

常规参考General reference

这篇通用参考介绍了数据类型、函数、标识符、文本和语义:This general reference describes data types, functions, identifiers, literals, and semantics:

DDL 语句DDL statements

使用数据定义语句可以创建或修改数据库中数据库对象的结构:You use data definition statements to create or modify the structure of database objects in a database:

DML 语句DML statements

使用数据操作语句可以添加、更改或删除数据:You use data manipulation statements to add, change, or delete data:

数据检索语句Data retrieval statements

使用 SELECT 语句可以根据指定的子句检索一个或多个表中的行。You use the SELECT statement to retrieve rows from one or more tables according to the specified clauses. SELECT 中介绍了受支持子句的完整语法和简短说明。The full syntax and brief description of supported clauses are explained in SELECT. 本部分还包含与 SELECT 相关的 SQL 语句。The SQL statements related to SELECT are also included in this section.

通过 SQL Analytics 还可以使用 EXPLAIN 语句生成查询的逻辑和物理计划。SQL Analytics also provides the ability to generate logical and physical plan for a query using the EXPLAIN statement.

Delta Lake 语句Delta Lake statements

使用 Delta Lake SQL 语句可以管理以 Delta Lake 格式存储的表:You use Delta Lake SQL statements to manage tables stored in Delta Lake format:

有关使用 Delta Lake 语句的详细信息,请参阅 Delta Lake 和 Delta Engine 指南For details on using Delta Lake statements, see Delta Lake and Delta Engine guide.

辅助语句Auxiliary statements

使用辅助语句可以收集统计信息、管理缓存、浏览元数据、设置配置和管理资源:You use auxiliary statements to collect statistics, manage caching, explore metadata, set configurations, and manage resources:

分析语句Analyze statement

描述语句Describe statements

显示语句Show statements

配置管理Configuration management

安全语句Security statements

使用安全 SQL 语句可以管理对数据的访问:You use security SQL statements to manage access to data:

有关使用这些语句的详细信息,请参阅数据对象特权For details using these statements, see Data object privileges.