DROP BLOOM FILTER INDEX(Azure Databricks 上的 Delta Lake)DROP BLOOM FILTER INDEX (Delta Lake on Azure Databricks)

删除 Bloom 筛选器索引。Drops a Bloom filter index.


ON [TABLE] table_identifier
[FOR COLUMNS(columnName1, columnName2, ...)]
  • table_identifiertable_identifier
    • [database_name.] table_name:表名,可选择使用数据库名称进行限定。[database_name.] table_name: A table name, optionally qualified with a database name.
    • delta.`<path-to-table>`:现有 Delta 表的位置。delta.`<path-to-table>`: The location of an existing Delta table.

如果表名或其中一列不存在,该命令就会失败。The command fails if either the table name or one of the columns does not exist. 所有与 Bloom 筛选器相关的元数据都将从指定列中删除。All Bloom filter related metadata is removed from the specified columns.

如果表中没有任何 Bloom 筛选器,则在清理表时将清除基础索引文件。When a table does not have any Bloom filters, the underlying index files are cleaned when the table is vacuumed.