专用事件中心概述Overview of Event Hubs Dedicated

专用事件中心 容量提供单租户部署。Event Hubs Dedicated capacity offers single-tenant deployments for customers with the most demanding requirements. 完整规模的 Azure 事件中心可每秒传入超过两百万个事件或每秒高达 2 GB 的遥测,并具有完全持久的存储和次秒级的延迟。At full scale, Azure Event Hubs can ingress over 2 million events per second or up to 2 GB per second of telemetry with fully durable storage and sub-second latency. 通过在同一系统上实时进行批处理,它还可以实现集成的解决方案。This also enables integrated solutions by processing real-time and batch on the same system. 借助包含在产品中的事件中心捕获功能,单个流可以同时支持实时和基于批处理的管道,从而降低解决方案的复杂性。With Event Hubs Capture included in the offering, you can reduce the complexity of your solution by having a single stream support both real-time and batch-based pipelines.

下表比较了事件中心的各可用服务层级。The following table compares the available service tiers of Event Hubs. 不同于标准事件中心中大部分功能的使用定价,事件中心专用套餐每月的计费价格是固定的。The Event Hubs Dedicated offering is billed by a fixed monthly price, compared to usage pricing for most features of Standard. 专用层提供标准计划的所有功能,但具有企业规模容量,以满足客户的工作负荷需求。The Dedicated tier offers all the features of the Standard plan, but with enterprise scale capacity for customers with demanding workloads.

功能Feature 标准Standard 专用Dedicated
带宽Bandwidth 20 TU(最多 40 TU)20 TUs (up to 40 TUs) 20 CU20 CUs
命名空间Namespaces 11 每个 CU 5050 per CU
事件中心Event Hubs 每个命名空间 1010 per namespace 每个命名空间 10001000 per namespace
入口事件Ingress events 按每百万个事件支付Pay per million events 已含Included
消息大小Message Size 1000000 字节1 Million Bytes 1000000 字节1 Million Bytes
分区Partitions 每个命名空间 4040 per namespace 每个 CU 20002000 per CU
使用者组Consumer groups 每个事件中心 2020 per Event Hub 每个 CU 无限制,每个事件中心 1000No limit per CU, 1000 per event hub
中转连接Brokered connections 包括 1,000 个,最大 5,000 个1,000 included, 5,000 max 包括 100000 个,最大 100000 个100 K included and max
消息保留期Message Retention 7 天,每个 TU 包含 84 GB7 days, 84 GB included per TU 90 天,每个 CU 包含 10 TB90 days, 10 TB included per CU
捕获Capture 按每小时支付Pay per hour 已含Included

专用事件中心容量的优点Benefits of Event Hubs Dedicated capacity

使用专用事件中心具有以下优点:The following benefits are available when using Event Hubs Dedicated:

  • 单个租户托管,免除来自其他租户的干扰。Single tenant hosting with no noise from other tenants.
  • 每次可重复性能。Repeatable performance every time.
  • 有保障的容量,满足迸发需求。Guaranteed capacity to meet your burst needs.
  • 包括事件中心的捕获功能,提供与微批处理和长期保留的集成。Includes the Capture feature of Event Hubs, to provide integration with micro-batch and long-term retention.
  • 零维护:该服务负责管理负载均衡、操作系统更新、安全修补程序及分区。Zero maintenance: The service manages load balancing, OS updates, security patches, and partitioning.
  • 固定小时定价。Fixed hourly pricing.
  • 消息保留期长达 7 天,无需支付额外费用。Message retention up to 7 days with no extra charge.

专用事件中心还去除了标准产品的部分吞吐量限制。Event Hubs Dedicated also removes some of the throughput limitations of the Standard offering. 基本层的吞吐量单位可达每秒 1000 个事件,或者每个 TU 每秒 1 MB 的流入量和两倍的流出量。Throughput units in the Standard tier entitle you to 1000 events per second or 1 MB per second of ingress per TU and double that amount of egress. 专用规模产品对入口和出口事件计数不设限制。The Dedicated scale offering has no restrictions on ingress and egress event counts. 这些限制仅由已购买事件中心的处理容量管理。These limits are governed only by the processing capacity of the purchased event hubs.

此保留的专用环境提供该层独有的其他功能,例如:This reserved, dedicated environment provides other capabilities unique to this tier, such as:

  • 控制群集中的命名空间数量。Controls the number of namespaces in your cluster.
  • 指定每个命名空间的吞吐量限制。Specifies throughput limits on each of your namespaces.
  • 配置每个命名空间下事件中心数量。Configures the number of event hubs under each namespace.
  • 确定分区的数量限制。Determines the limit on the number of partitions.

该服务针对最大的遥测用户,也可提供给具有企业协议的客户。This service is targeted at the largest telemetry users, and is available to customers with an enterprise agreement.

如何加入How to onboard

通过添加或删除 CU,可以在一个月内随时扩展或缩小容量,满足自身需求。You can scale your capacity up or down throughout the month to meet your needs by adding or removing CUs. 专用计划独一无二,它提供了一种亲身实践的加入体验,用户可从事件中心产品团队获得适合自己的灵活部署。The Dedicated plan is unique in that you will experience a more hands-on onboarding from the Event Hubs product team to get the flexible deployment that is right for you. 若要加入到此 SKU,请联系计费支持部门或 Azure 代表。To onboard to this SKU, contact billing support or your Azure representative.

后续步骤Next steps

请与 Azure 销售代表或 Azure 支持部门联系,获取有关事件中心专用容量的其他详细信息。Contact your Azure sales representative or Azure Support to get additional details about Event Hubs Dedicated Capacity. 还可访问以下链接,了解有关事件中心定价层的详细信息:You can also learn more about Event Hubs pricing tiers by visiting the following links:

  • 专用事件中心定价Event Hubs Dedicated pricing. 还可以与 Azure 销售代表或 Azure 支持部门联系,获取有关事件中心专用容量的其他详细信息。You can also contact your Azure sales representative or Azure Support to get additional details about Event Hubs Dedicated capacity.
  • 事件中心常见问题解答中包含了定价信息并解答了一些有关事件中心的常见问题。The Event Hubs FAQ contains pricing information and answers some frequently asked questions about Event Hubs.