Azure 事件中心的配额和限制Azure Event Hubs quotas and limits

本部分列出了 Azure 事件中心的基本配额和限制。This section lists basic quotas and limits in Azure Event Hubs.

下表提供了特定于 Azure 事件中心的配额和限制。The following tables provide quotas and limits specific to Azure Event Hubs. 有关事件中心定价的信息,请参阅事件中心定价For information about Event Hubs pricing, see Event Hubs pricing.

所有层的通用限制Common limits for all tiers

以下限制在所有层中是通用的。The following limits are common across all tiers.

限制Limit 说明Notes Value
事件中心名称的大小Size of an event hub name - 256 个字符256 characters
使用者组名称的大小Size of a consumer group name Kafka 协议无需创建使用者组。Kafka protocol doesn't require the creation of a consumer group.

Kafka:256 个字符Kafka: 256 characters

AMQP:50 个字符AMQP: 50 characters

每个使用者组的非 epoch 接收者数Number of non-epoch receivers per consumer group - 55
每个命名空间的授权规则数量Number of authorization rules per namespace 系统会拒绝创建授权规则的后续请求。Subsequent requests for authorization rule creation are rejected. 1212
GetRuntimeInformation 方法的调用数Number of calls to the GetRuntimeInformation method - 每秒 50 个50 per second
虚拟网络 (VNet) 数Number of virtual networks (VNet) - 128128
IP 配置规则数Number of IP Config rules - 128128
架构组名称的最大长度Maximum length of a schema group name 5050
架构名称的最大长度Maximum length of a schema name 100100
每个架构的大小(字节)Size in bytes per schema 1 MB1 MB
每个架构组的属性数Number of properties per schema group 10241024
单个架构组属性键的大小(字节)Size in bytes per schema group property key 256256
单个架构组属性值的大小(字节)Size in bytes per schema group property value 10241024

基本层与标准层与专用层Basic vs. standard vs. dedicated tiers

下表显示的限制对于基本层、标准层和专用层可能会有所不同。The following table shows limits that may be different for basic, standard, and dedicated tiers. 在表中,CU 是容量单位,TU 是吞吐量单位In the table CU is capacity unit and TU is throughput unit.

限制Limit 基本Basic 标准Standard 专用Dedicated
事件中心发布的最大大小Maximum size of Event Hubs publication 256 KB256 KB 1 MB1 MB 1 MB1 MB
每个事件中心的使用者组数Number of consumer groups per event hub 11 2020 每个 CU 无限制,每个事件中心 1000No limit per CU, 1000 per event hub
每个命名空间的 AMQP 连接数Number of AMQP connections per namespace 100100 5,0005,000 包括 100000 个,最大 100000 个100 K included and max
事件数据的最长保留期限Maximum retention period of event data 1 天1 day 1-7 天1-7 days 90 天,每个 CU 包含 10 TB90 days, 10 TB included per CU
最大 TU 或 CUMaximum TUs or CUs 20 TU20 TUs 20 TU20 TUs 20 CU20 CUs
每个事件中心的分区数Number of partitions per event hub 3232 3232 每个事件中心 1024 个1024 per event hub
每个 CU 2000 个2000 per CU
每个订阅的命名空间数Number of namespaces per subscription 100100 100100 100(每个 CU 50 个)100 (50 per CU)
每个命名空间的事件中心数Number of event hubs per namespace 1010 1010 10001000
入口事件Ingress events 按每百万个事件支付Pay per million events 已含Included
捕获Capture 不适用N/A 按每小时支付Pay per hour 已含Included
架构注册表(命名空间)的大小(以兆字节为单位)Size of the schema registry (namespace) in mega bytes 不适用N/A 2525 10241024
架构注册表或命名空间中的架构组数Number of schema groups in a schema registry or namespace 不适用N/A 1 - 排除默认组1 - excluding the default group 10001000
所有架构组的架构版本数Number of schema versions across all schema groups 不适用N/A 2525 1000010000


可以逐个或者成批发送事件。You can publish events individually or batched. 无论是单个事件还是一批事件,发布限制(根据 SKU)均适用。The publication limit (according to SKU) applies regardless of whether it is a single event or a batch. 发布大于最大阈值的事件将被拒绝。Publishing events larger than the maximum threshold will be rejected.

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