Azure 事件中心 - 客户端 SDKAzure Event Hubs - Client SDKs

本文提供有关 Azure 事件中心支持的 SDK 的下列信息:This article provides following information for the SDKs supported by Azure Event Hubs:

  • 可在应用程序中使用的包的位置Location of package that you can use in your applications
  • GitHub 位置,可在其中查找源代码、示例、自述文件、更改日志、报告的问题,还可以提出新问题GitHub location where you can find source code, samples, readme, change log, reported issues, and also raise new issues
  • 快速入门教程的链接Links to quickstart tutorials

客户端 SDKClient SDKs

下表介绍所有当前可用的 Azure 事件中心运行时客户端。The following table describes all currently available Azure Event Hubs runtime clients. 虽然其中某些库也包含受限的管理功能,但也有专用于管理操作的特定库。While some of these libraries also include limited management functionality, there are also specific libraries dedicated to management operations. 这些库的核心功能是通过事件中心发送和接收消息。The core focus of these libraries is to send and receive messages from an event hub.

语言Language 程序包Package 参考Reference
上获取。. NET Standard(最新版并支持 .NET Core 和 .NET Framework)NET Standard (latest and supports both .NET Core and .NET Framework) Azure.Messaging.EventHubsAzure.Messaging.EventHubs
上获取。. NET Standard(旧版并支持 .NET Core 和 .NET Framework)NET Standard (legacy and supports both .NET Core and .NET Framework) Microsoft.Azure.EventHubsMicrosoft.Azure.EventHubs
上获取。. NET Framework(旧版)NET Framework (old) WindowsAzure.MessagingWindowsAzure.Messaging
JavaJava azure-messaging-eventhubsazure-messaging-eventhubs
azure-eventhubs(旧版)azure-eventhubs (legacy)
PythonPython azure-eventhubazure-eventhub
JavascriptJavaScript azure/event-hubsazure/event-hubs
GoGo azure-event-hubs-goazure-event-hubs-go
CC azure-event-hubs-cazure-event-hubs-c

管理 SDKManagement SDKs

下表列出了所有当前可用的特定于管理的库。The following table lists all currently available management-specific libraries. 这些库不包含运行时操作,管理事件中心实体是其唯一的用途。None of these libraries contain runtime operations, and are for the sole purpose of managing Event Hubs entities.

语言Language 程序包Package 参考Reference
.NET Standard.NET Standard Microsoft.Azure.Management.EventHubMicrosoft.Azure.Management.EventHub

后续步骤Next steps

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