Azure IoT 中心开发人员指南Azure IoT Hub developer guide

Azure IoT 中心是一项完全托管的服务,有助于在数百万台设备和单个解决方案后端之间实现安全可靠的双向通信。Azure IoT Hub is a fully managed service that helps enable reliable and secure bi-directional communications between millions of devices and a solution back end.


本文中提到的某些功能(例如云到设备消息传递、设备孪生、设备管理)仅在 IoT 中心的标准层中提供。Some of the features mentioned in this article, like cloud-to-device messaging, device twins, and device management, are only available in the standard tier of IoT hub. 有关基本和标准 IoT 中心层的详细信息,请参阅如何选择合适的 IoT 中心层For more information about the basic and standard IoT Hub tiers, see How to choose the right IoT Hub tier.

Azure IoT 中心提供:Azure IoT Hub provides you with:

  • 使用每个设备的安全凭据和访问控制来保护通信安全。Secure communications by using per-device security credentials and access control.
  • 多个设备到云和云到设备的超大规模通信选项。Multiple device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device hyper-scale communication options.
  • 各设备状态信息和元数据的可查询存储。Queryable storage of per-device state information and meta-data.
  • 通过最流行语言和平台的设备库来方便建立设备连接。Easy device connectivity with device libraries for the most popular languages and platforms.

本 IoT 中心开发人员指南包括以下文章:This IoT Hub developer guide includes the following articles: