404001 DeviceNotFound404001 DeviceNotFound

本文介绍 404001 DeviceNotFound 错误的原因和解决方案。This article describes the causes and solutions for 404001 DeviceNotFound errors.


在云到设备 (C2D) 通信期间(例如,C2D 消息、孪生更新或直接方法),操作失败且错误为 404001 DeviceNotFoundDuring a cloud-to-device (C2D) communication, such as C2D message, twin update, or direct method, the operation fails with error 404001 DeviceNotFound.


操作失败,因为 IoT 中心找不到设备。The operation failed because the device cannot be found by IoT Hub. 设备未注册或已禁用。The device is either not registered or disabled.


注册所用的设备 ID,然后重试。Register the device ID that you used, then try again.