429001 ThrottlingException429001 ThrottlingException

本文介绍 429001 ThrottlingException 错误的原因和解决方案。This article describes the causes and solutions for 429001 ThrottlingException errors.


对 IoT 中心的请求失败,出现错误 429001 ThrottlingExceptionYour requests to IoT Hub fail with the error 429001 ThrottlingException.


已超过所请求操作的 IoT 中心限制IoT Hub throttling limits have been exceeded for the requested operation.


根据上面指定的限制比较你的 “遥测消息发送尝试次数”指标,检查你是否达到了限制Check if you're hitting the throttling limit by comparing your Telemetry message send attempts metric against the limits specified above. 还可以检查“限制错误数” 指标。You can also check the Number of throttling errors metric. 有关适用于 IoT 中心的这些指标和其他指标的详细信息,请参阅 IoT 中心指标及其用法For more information about these and other metrics available for IoT Hub, see IoT Hub metrics and how to use them.

只有在违反限制的时间过长的情况下,IoT 中心才返回 429 ThrottlingException。IoT Hub returns 429 ThrottlingException only after the limit has been violated for too long a period. 这样做以后,如果 IoT 中心获得突发流量,则不会丢弃消息。This is done so that your messages aren't dropped if your IoT hub gets burst traffic. 在此期间,IoT 中心会按操作受限速率处理消息。如果积压了太多流量,则处理起来可能需要很长时间。In the meantime, IoT Hub processes the messages at the operation throttle rate, which might be slow if there's too much traffic in the backlog. 若要了解详细信息,请参阅 IoT 中心流量调整To learn more, see IoT Hub traffic shaping.

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如果达到配额或节流限制,考虑纵向扩展 IoT 中心Consider scaling up your IoT Hub if you're running into quota or throttling limits.