Azure 密钥保管库可用性和冗余Azure Key Vault availability and redundancy

Azure 密钥保管库具有多层冗余功能,确保密钥和机密持续可供应用程序使用,即使服务的单个组件发生故障也是如此。Azure Key Vault features multiple layers of redundancy to make sure that your keys and secrets remain available to your application even if individual components of the service fail.

密钥保管库的内容会在区域中复制,并且会复制到至少 150 英里以外(但位于同一个地理位置)的次要区域。The contents of your key vault are replicated within the region and to a secondary region at least 150 miles away but within the same geography. 这可以保持密钥和机密的高持久性。This maintains high durability of your keys and secrets. 有关特定区域对的详细信息,请参阅 Azure 配对区域一文。See the Azure paired regions document for details on specific region pairs.

如果密钥保管库服务中的单独组件发生故障,则区域内的替代组件将继续处理请求,确保不会导致功能损失。If individual components within the key vault service fail, alternate components within the region step in to serve your request to make sure that there is no degradation of functionality. 不需要采取任何措施即可触发此功能,You do not need to take any action to trigger this. 这种机制会以透明的方式自动发生。It happens automatically and will be transparent to you.

在整个 Azure 区域不可用的情况下(这很少见),对该区域中的 Azure 密钥保管库发出的请求会自动路由(“故障转移” )到次要区域。In the rare event that an entire Azure region is unavailable, the requests that you make of Azure Key Vault in that region are automatically routed (failed over) to a secondary region. 当主要区域再次可用时,请求将路由回(“故障回复” )到主要区域。When the primary region is available again, requests are routed back (failed back) to the primary region. 同样,不需要采取任何措施,因为这会自动发生。Again, you do not need to take any action because this happens automatically.

通过这种高可用性设计,Azure 密钥保管库不需要停机进行维护活动。Through this high availability design, Azure Key Vault requires no downtime for maintenance activities.

应注意以下几个事项:There are a few caveats to be aware of:

  • 发生区域故障转移时,可能需要等待几分钟让服务故障转移。In the event of a region failover, it may take a few minutes for the service to fail over. 在此期间发出的请求在故障转移完成之前可能失败。Requests that are made during this time may fail until the failover completes.
  • 故障转移完成后,密钥保管库处于只读模式。After a failover is complete, your key vault is in read-only mode. 在此模式下支持的请求包括:Requests that are supported in this mode are:
    • 列出密钥保管库List key vaults
    • 获取密钥保管库的属性Get properties of key vaults
    • 列出证书List certificates
    • 获取证书Get certificates
    • 列出机密List secrets
    • 获取机密Get secrets
    • 列出密钥List keys
    • 获取密钥(属性)Get (properties of) keys
    • 加密Encrypt
    • 解密Decrypt
    • 包装Wrap
    • 解包Unwrap
    • VerifyVerify
    • 签名Sign
    • 备份Backup
  • 故障回复之后,所有请求类型(包括读取写入请求)都将可用。After a failover is failed back, all request types (including read and write requests) are available.