Azure 计划程序中的限制、配额和限制阈值Limits, quotas, and throttle thresholds in Azure Scheduler


Azure 逻辑应用将替换即将停用的 Azure 计划程序。Azure Logic Apps is replacing Azure Scheduler, which is being retired. 若要继续使用在计划程序中设置的作业,请尽快迁移到 Azure 逻辑应用To continue working with the jobs that you set up in Scheduler, please migrate to Azure Logic Apps as soon as possible.

计划程序在 Azure 门户中不再可用,但 REST APIAzure 计划程序 PowerShell cmdlet 目前仍可用,以便你可以管理作业和作业集合。Scheduler is no longer available in the Azure portal, but the REST API and Azure Scheduler PowerShell cmdlets remain available at this time so that you can manage your jobs and job collections.

限制、配额和阈值Limits, quotas, and thresholds

下表描述 Azure 计划程序中各主要的配额、限制、默认值和中止值。The following table describes each of the major quotas, limits, defaults, and throttles in Azure Scheduler.

ResourceResource 限制说明Limit description
作业大小Job size 最大作业大小为 16,000。The maximum job size is 16,000. 如果 PUT 或 PATCH 操作生成的作业大小超过此限制,则返回 400 错误请求状态代码。If a PUT or a PATCH operation results in a job size larger than this limit, a 400 Bad Request status code is returned.
作业集合Job collections 每个 Azure 订阅的最大作业集合数为 200,000 个。The maximum number of job collections per Azure subscription is 200,000.
每个集合的作业数Jobs per collection 默认情况下,最大作业数在免费作业集合中为 5 个作业,在标准作业集合中为 50 个作业。By default, the maximum number of jobs is five jobs in a free job collection and 50 jobs in a standard job collection.

在作业集合上,可更改作业的最大数目。You can change the maximum number of jobs on a job collection. 作业集合中的所有作业均限制为对作业集合设置的值。All jobs in a job collection are limited to the value set on the job collection. 如果尝试创建超过最大作业配额数目的更多作业,则请求会失败并且具有 409 冲突状态代码。If you attempt to create more jobs than the maximum jobs quota, the request fails with a 409 Conflict status code.

距离开始时间的时间Time to start time 最大“距离开始时间的时间”为 18 个月。The maximum "time to start time" is 18 months.
重复间隔Recurrence span 最大重复间隔为 18 个月。The maximum recurrence span is 18 months.
频率Frequency 默认情况下,最大频率配额在免费作业集合中为 1 小时,在标准作业集合中为 1 分钟。By default, the maximum frequency quota is one hour in a free job collection and one minute in a standard job collection.

可以使作业集合上的最高频率低于最大值。You can make the maximum frequency on a job collection lower than the maximum. 作业集合中的所有作业均限制为对作业集合设置的值。All jobs in the job collection are limited to the value set on the job collection. 如果尝试创建其频率高于针对作业集合的最大频率的作业,则请求会失败并且具有 409 冲突状态代码。If you attempt to create a job with a higher frequency than the maximum frequency on the job collection, the request fails with a 409 Conflict status code.

正文大小Body size 请求的最大正文大小为 8,192 个字符。The maximum body size for a request is 8,192 chars.
请求 URL 大小Request URL size 请求 URL 的最大大小为 2,048 个字符。The maximum size for a request URL is 2,048 chars.
标头计数Header count 最大标头计数为 50 个标头。The maximum header count is 50 headers.
聚合标头大小Aggregate header size 最大聚合标头大小为 4,096 个字符。The maximum aggregate header size is 4,096 chars.
超时Timeout 请求超时为静态值,即不可配置。The request timeout is static, that is, not configurable. 对于 HTTP 操作,为 60 秒。and is 60 seconds for HTTP actions. 对于运行时间较长的操作,请遵循 HTTP 异步协议。For longer running operations, follow the HTTP asynchronous protocols. 例如,立即返回 202 但继续在后台工作。For example, return a 202 immediately but continue working in the background.
作业历史记录Job history 作业历史记录中存储的最大响应正文为 2,048 个字节。The maximum response body stored in job history is 2,048 bytes.
作业历史记录保留期Job history retention 作业历史记录最多保留两个月,或最多保留最后 1,000 次执行。Job history is kept for up to two months or up to the last 1,000 executions.
已完成和出错作业的保留期Completed and faulted job retention 完成的作业和出错的作业保留 60 天。Completed and faulted jobs are kept for 60 days.

x-ms-request-id 标头x-ms-request-id header

对计划程序服务发出的每个请求都会返回一个名为 x-ms-request-id 的响应标头。此响应标头包含一个唯一标识此请求的不透明值。Every request made against the Scheduler service returns a response header named x-ms-request-id. This header contains an opaque value that uniquely identifies the request. 因此,如果某个请求始终失败,而你确认该请求的格式正确,则可以通过提供 x-ms-request-id 响应标头值并包含以下详细信息来向 Microsoft 报告错误:So, if a request consistently fails, and you confirmed the request is properly formatted, you can report the error to Microsoft by providing the x-ms-request-id response header value and including these details:

  • x-ms-request-idThe x-ms-request-id value
  • 发出请求的大致时间The approximate time when the request was made
  • Azure 订阅、作业集合和作业的标识符The identifiers for the Azure subscription, job collection, and job
  • 请求尝试的操作类型The type of operation that the request attempted

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