Azure 安全服务与技术Azure Security Services and Technologies

在我们与当前和未来 Azure 客户的讨论中,我们经常被问及“你们是否有 Azure 必须提供的所有安全相关服务和技术的列表?”In our discussions with current and future Azure customers, we’re often asked “do you have a list of all the security related services and technologies that Azure has to offer?”

我们明白,当用户在评估其云服务提供商的技术选项时,有必要使用这样一张列表,在时间适当时进行深入研究。We understand that when you’re evaluating your cloud service provider technical options, it’s helpful to have such a list available that you can use to dig down deeper when the time is right for you.

下面是我们在提供此类列表方面所做的初步努力。The following is our initial effort at providing a list. 随着时间的推移,此列表会进行更改,并且会不断变大,就像 Azure 一样。Over time, this list will change and grow, just as Azure does. 此列表是分类的,相关类别的列表也会随着时间的推移而不断变大。The list is categorized, and the list of categories will also grow over time. 请务必时时查看此页面,了解安全相关服务和技术的最新内容。Make sure to check this page on a regular basis to stay up-to-date on our security-related services and technologies.

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