Azure 流分析外部可用性错误代码Azure Stream Analytics external availability error codes

可以使用活动日志和资源日志来帮助调试 Azure 流分析作业中的意外行为。You can use activity logs and resource logs to help debug unexpected behaviors from your Azure Stream Analytics job. 本文列出了每个外部可用性错误代码的说明。This article lists the description for every external availability error code. 依赖服务不可用时,会发生外部可用性错误。External availability errors occur when a dependent service is unavailable.


  • 原因:服务暂时不可用。Cause: A service is temporarily unavailable.
  • 建议:流分析将继续尝试访问该服务。Recommendation: Stream Analytics will continue to attempt to reach the service.


  • 原因:流分析在与 EventHub 通信时遇到错误。Cause: Stream Analytics encountered error when communicating with EventHub.

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