Azure 流分析内部错误代码Azure Stream Analytics internal error codes

可以使用活动日志和资源日志来帮助调试 Azure 流分析作业中的意外行为。You can use activity logs and resource logs to help debug unexpected behaviors from your Azure Stream Analytics job. 本文列出了每个内部错误代码的说明。This article lists the description for every internal error code. 内部错误是指当流分析无法区分错误是内部可用性错误还是系统中的 bug 时,流分析平台内引发的一般性错误。Internal errors are generic errors that are thrown within the Stream Analytics platform when Stream Analytics can't distinguish if the error is an Internal Availability error or a bug in the system.


  • 原因:用于写入 Cosmos DB 的批大小太大。Cause: The batch size used to write to Cosmos DB is too large.
  • 建议:使用较小的批大小重试。Recommendation: Retry with a smaller batch size.

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