Azure 应用程序网关有哪些新增功能?What's new in Azure Application Gateway?

Azure 应用程序网关会不断更新。Azure Application Gateway is updated on an ongoing basis. 为了让大家随时了解最新的开发成果,本文将提供以下方面的信息:To stay updated with the most recent developments, this article provides you with information about:

  • 最新版本The latest releases
  • 已知问题Known issues
  • Bug 修复Bug fixes
  • 已弃用的功能Deprecated functionality

新增功能New features

功能Feature 说明Description 添加日期Date added
应用程序网关入口控制器 (AGIC) AKS 附加产品(预览版)Application Gateway Ingress Controller (AGIC) AKS add-on (Preview) 现可通过 Azure CLI 将应用程序网关入口控制器单行部署为本机 AKS 附加产品。Application Gateway Ingress Controller can now be deployed as a native AKS add-on in one line through Azure CLI. 作为 AKS 附加产品,AGIC 可成为一项完全托管服务,同时仍在客户的 AKS 群集中运行。Being an AKS add-on allows AGIC to become a fully managed service, while still running in the customer's AKS cluster. 有关详细信息,请参阅 AGIC 附加产品差异For more information, see AGIC add-on differences. 2020 年 6 月June 2020
v2(预览版)上的用户定义路由 (UDR)User-Defined Routes (UDR) on v2 (Preview) 在某些情况下,应用程序网关 v2 SKU 现在支持用户定义的路由。User-defined routes are now supported in some scenarios on Application Gateway v2 SKUs. 有关详细信息,请参阅应用程序网关配置概述For more information, see Application Gateway configuration overview. 2020 年 3 月March 2020
关联 cookie 更改Affinity cookie changes 启用基于 Cookie 的关联时,除了现有的 ApplicationGatewayAffinity Cookie 外,应用程序网关还会注入另一个名为“ApplicationGatewayAffinityCORS”的相同 Cookie。When cookie-based affinity is enabled, Application Gateway injects another identical cookie called ApplicationGatewayAffinityCORS in addition to the existing ApplicationGatewayAffinity cookie. ApplicationGatewayAffinityCORS 又添加了两个属性 (SameSite=None; Secure),这样即使对于跨域请求也可以保持粘性会话。ApplicationGatewayAffinityCORS has two more attributes added to it (SameSite=None; Secure) so that sticky sessions are maintained even for cross-origin requests. 有关详细信息,请参阅基于应用程序网关 Cookie 的关联See Application Gateway Cookie based affinity for more information. 2020 年 2 月February 2020
探测增强功能Probe enhancements 利用应用程序网关 v2 SKU 中的自定义探测增强功能,我们简化了探测配置,加速了按需后端运行状况测试,并添加了更多诊断信息,以帮助你解决后端运行状况问题。With the custom probe enhancements in Application Gateway v2 SKU, we have simplified probe configuration, facilitated on-demand backend health tests and added more diagnostic information to help you troubleshoot backend health issues. 2019 年 10 月October 2019
更多指标More metrics 我们添加了以下新指标以帮助你监视应用程序网关 v2 SKU:与计时相关的指标、后端响应状态、接收的字节数、发送的字节数、客户端 TLS 协议和当前计算单元。We've added the following new metrics to help you monitor your Application Gateway v2 SKU: Timing-related metrics, Backend response status, Bytes received, Bytes sent, Client TLS protocol and Current compute units. 请参阅应用程序网关 V2 SKU 支持的指标See Metrics supported by Application Gateway V2 SKU. 2019 年 8 月August 2019
WAF 自定义规则WAF custom rules 应用程序网关 WAF_v2 现在支持创建自定义规则。Application Gateway WAF_v2 now supports creating custom rules. 请参阅应用程序网关自定义规则See Application Gateway custom rules. 2019 年 6 月June 2019
自动缩放、区域冗余、静态 VIP 支持 GAAutoscaling, zone redundancy, static VIP support GA v2 SKU 正式版,支持自动缩放、区域冗余、增强性能、静态 VIP、Key Vault、标头重写。General availability for v2 SKU, which supports autoscaling, zone redundancy, enhance performance, static VIPs, Key Vault, Header rewrite. 请参阅应用程序网关自动缩放文档See Application Gateway autoscaling documentation. 2019 年 4 月April 2019
密钥保管库集成Key Vault integration 应用程序网关现在支持与密钥保管库(公共预览版)集成,以获取附加到支持 HTTPS 的侦听器的服务器证书。Application Gateway now supports integration with Key Vault (in public preview) for server certificates that are attached to HTTPS enabled listeners. 请参阅使用 Key Vault 证书进行 TLS 终止See TLS termination with Key Vault certificates. 2019 年 4 月April 2019
标头 CRUD/重写Header CRUD/Rewrites 现在可以重写 HTTP 标头。You can now rewrite HTTP headers. 请参阅教程:创建应用程序网关和重写 HTTP 标头See Tutorial: Create an application gateway and rewrite HTTP headers for more information. 2018 年 12 月December 2018
WAF 配置和排除列表WAF configuration and exclusion list 我们添加了更多选项来帮助你配置 WAF 和减少误报。We've added more options to help you configure your WAF and reduce false positives. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Web 应用程序防火墙请求大小限制和排除列表For more information, see Web application firewall request size limits and exclusion lists. 2018 年 12 月December 2018
自动缩放、区域冗余、静态 VIP 支持Autoscaling, zone redundancy, static VIP support v2 SKU 有了多方面的改进,例如自动缩放、性能提高,等等。With the v2 SKU, there are many improvements such as Autoscaling, improved performance, and more. 有关详细信息,请参阅什么是 Azure 应用程序网关?See What is Azure Application Gateway? for more information. 2018 年 9 月September 2018
连接清空Connection draining 使用连接清空能够正常删除后端池中的成员。Connection draining allows you to gracefully remove members from your backend pools. 有关详细信息,请参阅连接清空For more information, see Connection draining. 2018 年 9 月September 2018
自定义错误页Custom error pages 使用自定义错误页可在剩余网站的格式中创建错误页。With custom error pages, you can create an error page within the format of the rest of your websites. 若要启用此功能,请参阅创建应用程序网关自定义错误页To enable this, see Create Application Gateway custom error pages. 2018 年 9 月September 2018
指标增强Metrics Enhancements 可以更好地查看应用程序网关的状态和增强的指标。You can get a better view of the state of your Application Gateway with enhanced metrics. 若要在应用程序网关中启用指标,请参阅应用程序网关的后端运行状况、诊断日志和指标To enable metrics on your Application Gateway, see Back-end health, diagnostic logs, and metrics for Application Gateway. 2018 年 6 月June 2018

后续步骤Next steps

有关 Azure 应用程序网关的详细信息,请参阅什么是 Azure 应用程序网关?For more information about Azure Application Gateway, see What is Azure Application Gateway?