Application Insights 概述仪表板Application Insights Overview dashboard

Application Insights 一直都有一个总览窗格,可让用户快速、直接地评估应用程序的运行状况和性能。Application Insights has always provided a summary overview pane to allow quick, at-a-glance assessment of your application's health and performance. 新的概述仪表板提供了更快更灵活的体验。The new overview dashboard provides a faster more flexible experience.

如何测试新体验?How do I test out the new experience?

现在默认情况下将启动新的概述仪表板:The new overview dashboard now launches by default:


性能更好Better performance

时间范围选择已简化为简单的一键式界面。Time range selection has been simplified to a simple one-click interface.


总体性能已大大提高。Overall performance has been greatly increased. 只需单击一次即可访问常用功能,例如 搜索分析You have one-click access to popular features like Search and Analytics. 每个默认动态更新的 KPI 磁贴都可让你深入了解相应的 Application Insights 功能。Each default dynamically updating KPI tile provides insight into corresponding Application Insights features. 若要了解有关失败请求的详细信息,请在“调查”标题下选择“失败”:To learn more about failed requests select Failures under the Investigate header:


应用程序仪表板Application dashboard

应用程序仪表板利用 Azure 内现有仪表板技术,为你的应用程序运行状况和性能提供了一个完全可自定义的单一窗格视图。Application dashboard leverages the existing dashboard technology within Azure to provide a fully customizable single pane view of your application health and performance.

若要访问默认仪表板,请选择 左上角的“应用程序仪表板”。To access the default dashboard select Application Dashboard in the upper left corner.


如果这是你第一次访问仪表板,它将启动默认视图:If this is your first time accessing the dashboard, it will launch a default view:


如果你喜欢,可以保留默认视图。You can keep the default view if you like it. 或者,可以在仪表板中执行添加或删除操作,让仪表板契合团队的需求。Or you can also add, and delete from the dashboard to best fit the needs of your team.


所有有权访问 Application Insights 资源的用户共享相同的应用程序仪表板体验。All users with access to the Application Insights resource share the same Application dashboard experience. 一个用户所做的更改将修改所有用户的视图。Changes made by one user will modify the view for all users.

若要导航回概览体验,只需选择:To navigate back to the overview experience just select:



对于当前在仪表板中显示的数据,有 30 天的数据限制。如果选择超过 30 天的时间筛选器,或者选择“配置磁贴设置”并将自定义时间范围设置为超过 30 天,则即使默认数据保留期为 90 天,仪表板也不会显示超过 30 天的数据。There is currently a limit of 30 days of data for data displayed in a dashboard.If you select a time filter beyond 30 days, or if you select Configure tile settings and set a custom time range in excess of 30 days your dashboard will not display beyond 30 days of data, even with the default data retention of 90 days. 目前没有针对此行为的解决方法。There is currently no workaround for this behavior.

后续步骤Next steps