Azure Monitor 命名和术语更改Azure Monitor naming and terminology changes

最近对 Azure Monitor 进行了重要更改,整合了不同的服务,目的是为 Azure 客户简化监视过程。Significant changes have been made to Azure Monitor recently, with different services being consolidated in order to simplify monitoring for Azure customers. 本文介绍最近在 Azure Monitor 文档中所做的名称和术语更改。This article describes recent name and terminology changes in Azure Monitor documentation.

2019 年 10 月 - 诊断日志到资源日志October 2019 - Diagnostic Log to Resource Log

“诊断日志”已更改为“资源日志”,以更好地匹配实际收集的内容。"Diagnostic logs" were changed to "resource logs" to better match what is actually being collected. 术语“诊断设置”保持不变。The term "diagnostic settings" remains the same.

2019 年 2 月 - Log Analytics 术语February 2019 - Log Analytics terminology

将不同的服务合并到 Azure Monitor 下以后,我们将执行下一步,修改文档中的术语,以便更好地描述 Azure Monitor 服务及其不同的组件。After the consolidation of different services under Azure Monitor, we're taking the next step by modifying terminology in our documentation to better describe the Azure Monitor service and its different components.

Log AnalyticsLog Analytics

Azure Monitor 日志数据仍然存储在 Log Analytics 工作区中,并仍然由同一 Log Analytics 服务收集并分析,但我们会在许多位置将术语 Log Analytics 更改为“Azure Monitor 日志”。Azure Monitor log data is still stored in a Log Analytics workspace and is still collected and analyzed by the same Log Analytics service, but we are changing the term Log Analytics in many places to Azure Monitor logs. 此术语更好地反映了它在 Azure Monitor 中的角色,并提供了与 Azure Monitor 中的指标更好的一致性。This term better reflects its role in Azure Monitor and provides better consistency with metrics in Azure Monitor.

术语 Log Analytics 现在主要应用于 Azure 门户中的页面,用于编写和运行查询以及分析日志数据。The term log analytics now primarily applies to the page in the Azure portal used to write and run queries and analyze log data. 它在功能上相当于指标资源管理器,后者是 Azure 门户中的页面,用于分析指标数据。It's the functional equivalent of metrics explorer, which is the page in the Azure portal used to analyze metric data.

Log Analytics 工作区Log Analytics workspaces

在 Azure Monitor 中保存日志数据的工作区仍然称为 Log Analytics 工作区。Workspaces that hold log data in Azure Monitor are still referred to as Log Analytics workspaces. Azure 门户中的“Log Analytics”菜单已重命名为“Log Analytics 工作区”,是创建新工作区和配置数据源的地方。The Log Analytics menu in the Azure portal has been renamed to Log Analytics workspaces and is where you create new workspaces and configure data sources. Azure Monitor 中分析日志和其他监视数据,在 Log Analytics 工作区 中配置工作区。Analyze your logs and other monitoring data in Azure Monitor and configure your workspace in Log Analytics workspaces.

管理解决方案Management solutions

管理解决方案已重命名为“监视解决方案”,以便更好地描述其功能。Management solutions have been renamed to monitoring solutions, which better describes their functionality.

2018 年 8 月 - 将监视服务合并到了 Azure Monitor 中August 2018 - Consolidation of monitoring services into Azure Monitor

Log Analytics 和 Application Insights 已整合到 Azure Monitor 中,以便为 Azure 资源和混合环境的监视提供单一集成的体验。Log Analytics and Application Insights have been consolidated into Azure Monitor to provide a single integrated experience for monitoring Azure resources and hybrid environments. 没有从这些服务中删除任何功能,并且用户可以与之前一样执行相同的方案,没有失去或减弱任何功能。No functionality has been removed from these services, and users can perform the same scenarios that they've always completed with no loss or compromise of any features.

这些服务的文档已整合到 Azure Monitor 的单个文档集中。Documentation for each of these services has been consolidated into a single set of content for Azure Monitor. 这有助于读者在单个位置中查找适用于特定监视方案的所有内容,不必参考多个内容集。This will assist the reader in finding all of the content for a particular monitoring scenario in a single location as opposed to having to reference multiple sets of content. 随着整合的服务的发展,内容将变得更加集成。As the consolidated service evolves, the content will become more integrated.

之前被视为 Log Analytics 一部分的其他功能(例如代理和视图)也已重新定位为 Azure Monitor 的功能。Other features that were considered part of Log Analytics such as agents and views have also been repositioned as features of Azure Monitor. 它们的功能没有更改,只是可能改进了它们在 Azure 门户中的体验。Their functionality hasn't changed other than potential improvements to their experience in the Azure portal.

2018 年 4 月 - 停用了 Operations Management Suite 品牌April 2018 - Retirement of Operations Management Suite brand

Operations Management Suite (OMS) 之前捆绑到以下 Azure 管理服务,用于进行许可授权:Operations Management Suite (OMS) was a bundling of the following Azure management services for licensing purposes:

  • Application InsightsApplication Insights
  • Azure 自动化Azure Automation
  • Azure 备份Azure Backup
  • Log AnalyticsLog Analytics
  • Site RecoverySite Recovery

已经为这些服务引入了新的定价,并且 OMS 捆绑不再可供新客户使用。New pricing has been introduced for these services, and the OMS bundling is no longer available for new customers. 之前属于 OMS 的一部分的服务未发生更改,只是如上所述整合到了 Azure Monitor 中。None of the services that were part of OMS have changed, except for the consolidation into Azure Monitor described above.

后续步骤Next steps