sys.external_streaming_jobs (Transact-SQL)sys.external_streaming_jobs (Transact-SQL)

为在数据库范围中创建的每个外部流式处理作业返回一行。Returns a row for each external streaming job created within the scope of the database.

列名称Column name 数据类型Data type 说明Description
namename sysnamesysname 流的名称。Name of the stream. 在该数据库中是唯一的。Is unique within the database.
object_idobject_id intint 流对象的对象标识号。object identification number for the stream object. 在该数据库中是唯一的。Is unique within the database.
principal_idprincipal_id intint 此程序集所属主体的 IDID of the principal that owns this assembly
schema_idschema_id intint 包含对象的架构的 ID。ID of the schema that contains the object.
parent_object_idparent_object_id idid 此流的父对象的对象标识号。object identification number for the parent object for this stream. 在当前实现中,此值始终为 nullIn the current implementation, this value is always null
typetype char(2)char(2) 对象类型。Object type. 对于流对象,类型始终为“EJ”For stream objects, the type is always 'EJ'
type_desctype_desc nvarchar(60)nvarchar(60) 对象类型的说明。Description of the object type. 对于流对象,类型始终为“EXTERNAL_STREAMING_JOB”For stream objects, the type is always 'EXTERNAL_STREAMING_JOB'
create_datecreate_date datetimedatetime 对象的创建日期。Date the object was created.
modify_datemodify_date datetimedatetime 在当前实现中,此值与 stream 对象的 create_date 相同In the current implementation, this value is the same as the create_date for the stream object
is_ms_shippedis_ms_shipped bitbit 内部组件所创建的对象。Object created by an internal component.
is_publishedis_published bitbit 对象为发布对象。Object is published.
is_schema_publishedis_schema_published bitbit 仅发布对象的架构。Only the schema of the object is published.
uses_ansi_nullsuses_ansi_nulls bitbit 创建流对象时,SET ANSI_NULLS 数据库选项的设置为 ONStream object was created with the SET ANSI_NULLS database option ON
语句statement varchar(max)varchar(max) 流式处理作业的流分析查询文本。The stream analytics query text for the streaming job. 有关详细信息,请参阅 sp_create_streaming_jobFor more information, see sp_create_streaming_job
statusstatus intint 流式处理作业的当前状态。The current status of the streaming job. 可能的值包括The possible values are

已创建 = 0。Created = 0. 流式处理作业已创建,但尚未开始。The streaming job was created, but has not yet been started.

正在启动 = 1。Starting = 1. 流式处理作业处于开始阶段。The streaming job is in the starting phase.

失败 = 6。Failed = 6. 流式处理作业失败。The streaming job Failed. 这通常表示在处理过程中出现灾难性错误。This is generally an indication of a fatal error during processing.

已停止 = 4。Stopped = 4. 流式处理作业已停止。The streaming job has been stopped.

空闲 = 7。Idle = 7. 流式处理作业正在运行,但没有要处理的输入。The streaming job is running, however there is no input to process.

正在处理 = 8。Processing = 8. 流式处理作业正在运行,且正在处理输入。The streaming job is running, and is processing inputs. 此状态指示流式处理作业的正常运行状态。This state indicates a healthy state for the streaming job.

已降级 = 9。Degraded = 9. 流式处理作业正在运行,但在输入处理期间出现一些非致命的输入/输出序列化/反序列化错误。The streaming job is running, however there were some non-fatal input/output serialization/de-serialization errors during input processing. 输入作业将继续运行,但将删除遇到错误的输入。The input job will continue to run, but will drop inputs that encounter errors.


目录视图中仅显示用户拥有的安全对象的元数据,或用户对其拥有某些权限的安全对象的元数据。The visibility of the metadata in catalog views is limited to securables that a user either owns or on which the user has been granted some permission. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Metadata Visibility ConfigurationFor more information, see Metadata Visibility Configuration.

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